How to distribute a press release online.

Distributing press releases online increases brand exposure. There are many press release outlets to choose from and with the right online PR distribution strategy your company news can make a splash within hours.

What are the benefits of online PR?

There are three main benefits of distributing online press releases. A well-written PR article helps to expose your brand and products to a wider audience, with an intimate call-to-action as opposed to the more direct method you would find on a strictly e-commerce website. It also provides an additional source of targeted traffic to your website, potentially improving conversion rates.

Last but not least, online press releases are also a great way to dominate search engine listings on keywords with minimal competition.


Identifying online distribution outlets

Before you instigate an online press release campaign it is recommended that you spend a short time researching the potential distribution outlets and their effectiveness. Your budget will dictate how far you can cast your press release to the world. Many journalists rely on newswire websites for their day-to-day news stories and angles. You may wish to consider submitting PR in this way, particularly if you are looking for a ‘quick hit’ with just a single article.

However, if your online press release campaign is more of a long-term strategy it may be worth considering submissions to article directories that can provide valuable low-risk link juice to your website.


Free press release distribution

Don’t despair if you are bound by the constraints of a small marketing budget as there are numerous free press release distribution outlets that offer a worthwhile service. While these features may not be quite as effective as paid PR distribution sites there are directories that allow anchor-text links and keyword tags that help to improve the overall authority of your site.

It is worthwhile noting that free press release distribution directories do not syndicate your PR to additional websites so the submission process is more time consuming.


Paid press release distribution

It may seem like a false economy paying out for press release distribution services to advertise your products. Nevertheless it really is a great way to improve permanent search engine listings whilst being able to distribute your press release to industry-specific and location-specific areas. Paid press releases provide you with a host of options for optimising your content for the web with permanent benefits - with the ability to input multiple anchor-text links, keywords and Meta data.

Many paid outlets also distribute your press releases to global news networks such as Google News and Yahoo! News that can spread your message within minutes.


When should I submit my press release?

Many experts advise you submit an online press release for distribution first thing in the morning to give news wires as long as possible to pick up on your story. If you are looking for maximum exposure it is worth posting your article on a quiet news day for journalists.

Stereotypically Mondays and Tuesdays are very busy days in a journalist’s weekly calendar, so consider distributing midweek before all assignments are handed out prior to the weekend.