Five of the best management tools for Twitter.


Starting and maintaining a Twitter feed is seen as a compulsory part of marketing for any business: it's a free and quick way to connect directly with customers, fans and influencers in your industry. But coming up with a good Twitter strategy is the only way to make sure you get return on your investment - and that investment is mostly time. We count down some applications which will enable your business to make the most of its followers and their influence.

1. is a relationship management tool to focus on your Twitter relationships with the highest ROI and generate potential leads for your online business. It allows you to have further information about reach and gives you a rundown of influencers and key engagers. gives you suggestions on whom to follow according to common followers and hashtags. It provides you with a record of who you follow and if they’ve followed you back.

2. Sprout Social

Sprout is a social media management platform which allows you to manage multiple accounts, schedule tweets and other messages as well as process your data with some sophisticated analytics reports. Buffer and Hootsuite provide tough competition. Sprout Social might not be quite as good in terms of suggesting content but wins with its easy-to-use and attractive navigation panel and interface.


This app shows you trending hashtags and how your hashtag has performed relative to influencers using it. It’s particularly good when you’re tracking the success of a particular campaign.


Oh, remember how we laughed when Twitter came up with #FirstTweet which let you discover the life-defining moment that was your first tweet. This is just as fun but it’s also good if you’re working on a new project. If you want a quick snapshot into the business’s past then this will keep you in the loop.


If you sort out the filtering process then this is an excellent way to curate content around your subject area. There’s also the added bonus of the automated Tweet which lets all your sources know that they’ve been included in your mail out and hopefully they’ll then do you the courtesy of the retweet. If you have customers who aren’t that active on Twitter, just send them a link via that most old fashioned of methods of communication, the email. There’s another new content curation platform, whose progress we’re following keenly, Chronicle which organises relevant content into streams.

If you use another platform that's made a difference to your social strategy, please tweet us @ClubWorkspace.