Club Workspace, Clerkenwell Workshops

EVENT: DreamStake - The Pivot Party

LOCATION: Club Workspace, Clerkenwell Workshops

DATE: March 22, 2012


Reporting by Ben Goldsmith.

On Thursday March 22, DreamStake announced that their online platform was going to evolve.

Since its inception, DreamStake has been a social networking platform for small businesses and start-ups. On Thursday, its creator Paul Dowling announced that DreamStake was going to ‘pivot,’ drawing on the terminology of lean startup guru, Eric Reis who recommends the process of start-ups refining their business model through small tweaks or ‘pivots.’

With this in mind, DreamStake threw a ‘Pivot Party’ at the Club Workspace venue, Clerkenwell Workshops. This party included a full and detailed explanation of the new platform, and a teaser about the upcoming ‘DreamStake Academy.’

As of the week beginning Monday March 26, users will experience the ‘new’ DreamStake. Its increased functionality allows startups and SMEs to do more than converse online. Amongst other things, they can now earn ‘DreamPoints’, set and achieve targets, and make themselves a more investable prospect.

Andrew Humphires and LeWeb 2012

Andrew Humphries, a Tech City Champion, was the keynote speaker at DreamStake’s event. Humphries is no stranger to Club Workspace, having previously appeared at the Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme evening.

Humphries explained that if ‘the internet’ were a business sector, it would be the fifth biggest sector in the UK. His presentation was underpinned by patriotism. He shared a video featuring globally renowned designer Paul Smith, who spoke passionately about the expansion of British culture across the globe.

Humphries then announced that LeWeb, an event that claims to “bring together the most influential audience in the internet ecosystem,” was migrating from its French home for the first time. LeWeb 2012 will take place in England. Not only that, Humphries revealed that Tech City were compiling a list of 100 high-achieving start-ups, some of whom will be given the opportunity to present at L’Web.

Users of the new DreamStake should be keen to amass their DreamPoints too, as Humphries confirmed that 10 of the Tech City’s 100 Startups will be from the DreamStake network.

The New DreamStake

DreamStake’s CTO Ralph Stenzel gave the audience a guided tour of the new platform.

Users of the DreamStake network do not have to construct another online profile, they are able to import their data from both CrunchBase and LinkedIn. Stenzel hopes that this seamless procedure will encourage start-ups to sign up.

The new platform also offers connectivity with worldwide start-ups and investors. There will be an activity feed, an events page, a conversation forum, meaty search functionality and a new ranking system.

The ranking system is based on ‘DreamPoints’. Start-ups earn these points by achieving milestones that the platform helps you set. These points are also awarded when your startup grows.

DreamStake will also include a peer-review system and a database of start-up contacts, such as legal, accounting, video-creation and workspace providers.

The Academy

DreamStake also announced their new start-up academy. The Academy will run a 10 module course for start-ups. The 10 models will comprehensively cover a diverse range of subjects that will prime the 'start-up students' for business.