Club Workspace, Clerkenwell Workshops

EVENT: Creative Mishmash @ Clerkenwell Workshops

LOCATION: Club Workspace, Clerkenwell Workshops

DATE: September 29, 2011 attended the ‘Creative Mishmash’ event at Clerkenwell Workshops on September 29, organised by Dreamstake.

The event was dedicated to the creative sector, and combined a series of intriguing pitches with networking to allow creative professionals to skill swap in order to bolster the chance of business success.

In order to maximise the time available, each attendee was asked to fill in a form which what skills they could offer and what skills they were looking for. This was paired with a photograph (for ease of identification during the networking process) and a Twitter username, so that any post-event conversation could take place easily.

The first part of the event was a series of creative pitches, organised in advance, under a strict time limit of two minutes. This was a considerable challenge, and the entrepreneurs were forced to look for creative ways of getting across their concept – many of which were complex – in the time available.

In total there were eight pitches, six of which were pre-organised and two were improvised:

  • Serenading service - a bespoke service that would allow people to pick a song and a recipient. The company would then send one of its singers to serenade the recipient
  • Social DNA - internet software that helps people find the right people to help them grow and develop in business and in life
  • Youth art - a project to help young people break through the stereotypes and bad press surrounding youths with art and culture. The first stage would be putting one young person in contact with a riot victim and encouraging them to produce art as a 'gesture of sympathy.'
  • Music collaboration - a composer and music-maker looking to collaborate with a producer and together look for new business opportunities as more and more people look to the creative sector
  • - streaming theatre productions live over the internet
  • Scribble Ink - a company offering story consultancy, mentoring aspiring writers using a variety of methods including digital tools, one-to-one sessions and workshops
  • Roomie - an application that helps house-sharers pay their bills easily
  • Vibe Gallery - a new art gallery that recently opened at The Biscuit Factory

Following the pitches, each pitcher was asked to stand in a specific location around the room and then attendees stood with the pitcher they thought delivered the best idea. Each team was then given 15 minutes to develop the idea summarised in the pitch. Many teams then swapped email addresses to continue the discussion.

The event then turned to networking, making use of the forms filled in at the beginning. This really streamlined the networking process, allowing attendees to quickly work out who could provide the most value and therefore use the time available to maximum effect.

"It was the first time when we tried taking pictures as part of the event registration," said Monika Gierszewska, Marketing Director of Dreamstake.

"It turned out to be a lot of fun and allowed people to find others they want to talk to. Pitching was also a great experience. Entrepreneurs had to present their ideas within 120 seconds and persuade others to join their team. Afterwards, the room was buzzing with even more ideas!"