When deadlines are looming, a day in the office may feel like a marathon. But in reality, caffeine-fueled, keyboard-tapping sprints to the finish line can be far from healthy. So, with the help of experts, we’ve rounded up some top tips to boost your physical and mental health throughout the workday.

Sitting pretty

Rishi Loatey from the British Chiropractic Association gives us the lowdown on how to remove the ache from a desk job…

1. The top of your computer screen should be positioned at eye level. If it is too low, use a computer stand. A large book or ream of paper can be used as long as the screen is safely positioned.

2. Relax your whole back into the seat, making sure your bottom is at the back of the chair. The shoulder blades should be touching the back of the chair and head against the headrest.

3. Your feet should be flat on the floor, hips positioned slightly above your knees. Keep elbows at desk height. A chair with an armrest is preferable because this gives the arms much-needed support.

4. With the rise of hot-desking and freelancing, laptops are becoming more popular. Laptop users should try and raise their computer so the screen is at eye level, and plug in a regular keyboard and mouse if possible because this allows them to adopt a more natural and comfortable position.

Work meal plan

Aim to incorporate essential vitamins and minerals, plus protein, healthy fats, and fibre to keep you full. Don’t forget your veggies!

Breakfast: Start the day with eggs. Set them to boil before hopping in the shower, then either serve with toast or take them to work.

Timesaver option: Grab a filling breakfast smoothie with milk or a milk alternative, oats, berries and crushed seeds. Vitamin C and phytonutrient antioxidants promote disease prevention.

Lunch: Grain-based salad with chicken and avocado, or a vegetarian option like lentil or bean-based soup with wholegrain bread. Resist the temptation of white foods teamed with a sugary snack and a soft drink. These can cause blood sugar imbalances, and foods rich in unhealthy fats can leave you feeling lethargic as your body digests them.

Remember: Stay hydrated to avoid feeling foggy and unfocused. Try “sexing up” water with cucumber, strawberries, basil, mint, rosemary or citrus fruits.

Class action

Get into shape in London.

1. Boom Cycle

The new Hammersmith studio comes with a co-working area – riders can catch up on a few emails while sipping on a coffee or a post-workout protein shake.boomcycle.co.uk

2. Speedflex

A HIIT-based workout in the City offering half-hour classes. Maximum sweat for minimum time.speedflex.com

3. House of Voga

Vogue-inspired dance meets yoga with an ’80s house beat – a fun way to strengthen mid and body. houseofvoga.com

4. Miguel's Boxing Gym

A mental wellbeing boxing class that marries the expertise of a psychologist with the fitness capabilities of boxing. miguelsboxinggym.co.uk

5. Bootcamp Pilates

For a workout designed to help core and posture, any desk-related niggles will be relieved with reformer pilates exercises. bootcamppilates.com

To find out more about improving your fitness, mental health and productivity in the workplace, we’ve got plenty of food for thought articles on our site. We even hosted a WBI Dinner event dedicated to the topic Wellness at Work.

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