It’s easy to see that London’s better businesses are better connected – better connected to interesting suppliers, clients and peers. Discover just why New and Growing Companies in the capital are super connected as Workspace customers, from telephony to funding consultations, providing the perfect platform for long-term business growth.

Whether you’re a fledgling start-up, a collaborative co-worker or an established growing company, running a successful business is dependent upon establishing trusted relationships and connections.

To some, being better connected might mean access to high-speed tech so you can call, email or video conference with the people who matter. To others, it might just mean that you’re in a business space that’s your own and enables you to work properly as a team with your colleagues.

Whatever connectivity means to you, at Workspace we give all our customers the opportunity to accelerate their business development through exclusive networking events and a host of additional perks that provide valuable insight and remove potential barriers to growth.

Get talking and meet the neighbours

London is a very big place. It can be difficult for any new business to make their mark, especially in markets that are already extremely noisy and busy. It’s also a challenge to get in front of the right people to network and build working connections and relationships. Admittedly there are hundreds of networking events every week, but selecting those that are relevant to an individual’s business is difficult; many evenings can be wasted attending the wrong type of events. That’s why New and Growing Companies need all the help they can get.

As part of the overall Workspace package, every customer that moves to a Workspace business centre receives free and exclusive access to a year-round calendar of networking events across the capital. So, the only investment our customers need to make in their networking is their own time; we supply the location and the like-minded professionals and all that’s needed is to turn up and mingle!

Not only is London a big city, it can also be a lonely one too. This is particularly pertinent if you’re working hard to push the boundaries and establish your business; but it needn’t be that way. As a Workspace or Club Workspace customer, all our businesses have the benefit of neighbours; whether it’s other businesses in their building or other entrepreneurs working alongside them in co-working spaces. From day one, you’ll fit straight into a network of more than 4,000 businesses that you can collaborate with and accelerate growth.

Workspace community70 London locations
and growing

Unique support and insight that money can’t buy

As Workspace is a growing business community rather than just a commercial property landlord, we endeavour to stay connected to all our customers and provide them with unrivalled support and business insight.

We not only host seminars and talks from guest speakers and professionals who’ve been there and done it, we also have a number of key partners who provide invaluable perks that help to remove any barriers to doing business in London. For instance, our partners Informed Funding regularly run seminars and workshops on access to finance and they also offer free one-to-one consultations on business funding, connecting our customers to new avenues of lending to take their businesses to the next level.

There’s also a quarterly Business Insights Dinner that features an expert panel of speakers, providing candid views and advice – all of which is free and exclusive to Workspace customers. This level of support and insight can normally only be gleaned by business owners after they’ve encountered the issues discussed themselves. However, we go the extra mile to connect our customers and equip them with as much industry knowledge as possible.

Co-working: the new work style for entrepreneurs

There’s no doubt that many great business ideas are borne out of back bedrooms and living rooms, but the way entrepreneurs work is changing. Working at home alone has its advantages, but it also has its downsides, such as the threat of isolation and distractions which can affect productivity.

As we’ve already alluded to, starting a new business in London is a big challenge, but a highly rewarding one at that. Business networking can be difficult from the spare bedroom. That’s where co-working spaces come in.

Instead of working remotely at home, independent professionals have the ability to work and share a single working environment. The concept of entrepreneurs coming together in a shared place to enjoy greater productivity and a greater sense of community has grown immensely in recent years, as professionals benefit from working in a creative, driven environment that pushes start-ups forward.

Our Club Workspace members are part of London’s fast-growing network of business clubs; perfect for entrepreneurs that don’t require a conventional office but still need business-grade connectivity, high-spec meeting rooms and other ad-hoc benefits.

We’ve enjoyed witnessing many Club Workspace members prosper, through trading with and supporting one another, creating a connected network of independent professionals like no other in the capital. Club Workspace members also have their own dedicated events tailored to entrepreneurs, freelancers and contractors, giving them the ability to network and grow their contacts books just like our Workspace customers.

Club WorkspaceOur fast growing co-working business network

Harness the wealth of opportunities with super-charged connected services

When you combine the wealth of business opportunities London presents with the chance to work within a community of like-minded businesses and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to see why our capital remains a global commercial hub. Nevertheless, without a fast, reliable technology infrastructure behind you it’s difficult to truly grasp these opportunities with both hands.

At Workspace, we readily acknowledge that entrepreneurs and growing businesses are demanding a different way of working. That’s why we are continuously investing in superfast, flexible connected services across all 65 of our business centres, providing connectivity to all Workspace and Club Workspace customers like no other London business community.

In tandem with our preferred digital partner, Excell, we’re installing superfast, reliable connectivity with speeds of up to 120Mbps to all devices. Customers get the option of sharing their building’s own super-fast fibre network or investing in their own dedicated fibre connection – the choice is completely yours. Meanwhile for those working on the move in and around their building, the Dot11 Wi-Fi network gives customers access to their servers wherever they are and across all other Workspace business centres. Excell’s technology consultants are always on-hand via email, telephone or face-to-face to keep your business connected.

We want to provide New and Growing Companies – the backbone of London’s economy – with gold-standard connectivity that’s futureproof and scalable to meet their needs as they evolve. That’s why we’re working closely with WiredScore to help achieve their Gold certification rating for reliable and diverse connectivity across the majority of our business centres in the coming years.

In today’s truly digital economy, connectivity is now seen by many as a utility and a necessity, rather than a nice-to-have. As a New or Growing Company you need connected services that will not only support you today but provide next-generation technologies over time that will help you prosper tomorrow.