Waste not, want not: charity spotlight on Fareshare


Last year, Workspace employees decided to support the UK charity FareShare which works to tackle both food waste and food poverty. In preparation the 12th of November, the day when Workspace staff volunteer at the charity distributing food, Corporate Development Manager, Claudine Piggott, tells us a little more about the work they're doing.

Can you tell us a little about Fareshare and what you do?

FareShare is the UK’s leading food charity, fighting hunger and its underlying causes, by redistributing surplus food to over  1,700 local charities and community groups nationally. By ensuring good food is not wasted, we turn an environmental problem into a much needed social solution, helping to feed over 82,100 hungry and vulnerable people daily. In this process we create skills and employability training for thousands of volunteers, boosting deprived local communities.

Last year FareShare redistributed over 5,500 tonnes of food, saving the UK voluntary sector over £16 million. By diverting surplus food from landfill, FareShare also help food businesses save 25,200 tonnes of CO2 emissions. In the last 6 months alone, the number of charities receiving food from FareShare has increased by 32%. 

How have you been working with Workspace and how important is such collaboration for you as a charity? 

We have held three volunteer days for Workspace colleagues to experience at first hand the scale of our work and help to deliver our mission. Their days included picking and packing food orders and  helping our regular volunteers to deliver these to our  diverse charities and community groups members across the capital. Workspace has kindly made a donation towards the ongoing costs of running this industrial scale operation; we very much hope that Workspace will continue to support and engage with FareShare long into the future.

What can businesses based in Workspace buildings do to get involved with Fareshare?

With one in ten people living in poverty in the UK, the need for FareShare has never been so urgent; we would welcome the opportunity to engage more businesses in our mission. Alongside a range of fundraising activities, another great opportunity is to take part in our twice yearly National Neighbourhood Food Collection in partnership with Tesco. This is the UK’s biggest ever food collection, enabling us to secure more long shelf-life food items to complement the meat, dairy and fresh produce – at the same time it raises awareness of food poverty and food waste in the UK.

Find out more about Fareshare.

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