Here's our list of the best tech events that will help grow your business and that you should be attending in the next six months.

From wearable tech to cloud computing, there are plenty of great business events to put in your calendar. Some are free, others you'll need to reserve in advance, so look down the list and start filling in your diary.


3rd - 4th

Learning Technologies 2016

This free event at Olympia London is about learning technologies in the workplace. It will be a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to discover more about the practical applications of innovations in this field. There will be over 150 free seminars to attend so you’re bound to find something that piques your interest.


7th - 11th

QCon London

QCon is one of the most widely anticipated software development events in the capital, drawing an international crowd of speakers and attendees, all sharing the knowledge, skills, and innovations which will drive the industry forward in the coming year.   With 6 tracks exploring key areas this would be a great event for technically skilled founders and team members to stay at the cutting-edge of developments.

9th - 10th

Retail Business Technology Expo

This is Europe’s largest event focused on the latest innovations in retail and hospitality.  

15th - 16th

It isn’t just about wearable technology though as The Wearable Technology Show pulls together a number of other key relevant areas of technology including augmented reality, and IoT.  It would be of particular interest to startups hoping to utilise mobile technology within their strategy.

16th - 17th

Connected Cities Summit

Exploring the latest innovation in digital technology and IoT which will change life for people living in cities.  Some of the topics under examination will include big data, smart cities, renewable energy, the connected home, and mapping technologies.



Innovate Finance Global Summit

A World-leading event in financial technology, IFGT brings startups, innovators, and key players from the fintech ecosystem to London to global gathering of the startups, leaders, and organisations driving the future of fintech.  A great opportunity for fintech startups, but also for anyone trying to discover how they can better use the latest innovations to help grow and sustain their business.

12th - 13th

Cloud Expo Europe

This 15,000 strong event takes a close look at the growth of cloud technologies, and how these are being integrated into modern enterprise to speed growth, increase efficiencies, and open up new revenue streams.  A great event for any startup with an online presence.


13th - 14th

Millennial 2020 Summit 2016

This event is focused on forward-thinking approaches to dealing with customers and clients who are increasingly digital savvy. It is all about exploring and discussing ways to grow in an environment which requires more creative thinking and innovation than ever before.   


UK Investor Show

It is expected that over 50 CEOs and investment experts will be taking part in this event which will give attendees a broad knowledge of the investment industry.  For startups planning to seek investment in the near future the UK investor show could prove an invaluable source of information.  


10th - 11th

A two-day IT conference in the heart of London, Spice World is a chance for tech professionals, marketers, and entrepreneurs to get together and share ideas, innovations, and experiences.

11th - 12th

Adobe Summit 2016

London’s annual Adobe Summit is Europe’s best attended digital marketing conference.  This year will focus on how to use creativity, content, and data to create content which is compelling and persuasive.  The event will be particularly interesting for anyone involved in growth-hacking, or digital and content marketing.

11th - 12th

Business Startup Show London

The Business Startup Show is a great opportunity to attend an event that is unashamedly about growth.  Over the course of the two days, it is expected to attract some 20,000 businesses all intent on forging valuable business connections that will help their enterprise to grow and develop.  


Arguably London’s most trendy series of startup and technology events, Digital Shoreditch is all about celebrating and showcasing the creativity and technical innovations that people in London have to offer.  There will be scores of events (big and small) taking place over the course of a week or so, and plenty of opportunities to learn, share, and connect with like-minded people.