We speak to Eddy Swindell, Founder and Director of Sales and Marketing at Fresh Relevance, based at The Print Rooms. He shares his company's rapid growth story after it found its feet at Club Workspace and flourished as a result.

Founded in 2013, Fresh Relevance is a marketing technology platform enabling smaller e-commerce companies to personalise their websites in pursuit of an Amazon-style customer experience. Now, with over 500 customers – Mothercare, Homebase and MandM Direct, to name a few – the company is gaining significant traction and it's now firmly set to 'beyond-start-up' mode.

In just over five years, Fresh Relevance has expanded from micro to macro scale – with no signs of slowing down. The initial team consisted of three self-funded founders working remotely from home, and now a 50-strong team is making waves on the digital marketing scene.

"At the start we were working remotely and we wanted somewhere to come and collaborate for a few days a week," says Eddy. "Club Workspace was the ideal space. It's all we really needed back then as we were just starting off."

Eddy SwindellFounder and Director of Sales and Marketing at Fresh Relevance

"We had two desks in Cargo Works, Hatfields, for three days a week. It was essential to have a flexible, hot-desking space for the three of us to get our heads together and discuss the business, without the rigidity of a set office space. We didn't need to use it all the time, but it was fantastic just to have a place to check in with each other."

A year and a half on, the company, which blends marketing creativity with state-of-the-art smart technology, took a step up. Once they had established the foundations of their business, they branched out. "We felt the need to expand and have our own space, so we migrated to a Team Room in Clerkenwell," says Eddy.

A day in the office for Fresh Relevance

"The Team Rooms are quite unique in that there are multiple people sitting in the same room but they're actually accounted for in the same way as you would account for a rented desk inside of Club. They didn't damage any of the tax breaks that we had – a great plus!"

But, it wasn't long before Fresh Relevance was looking to expand even further into a self-contained office space to call their own and their eyes were set on The Print Rooms. Recently refurbished and located in the heart of Southwark, the thriving business centre is perfect for a dynamic digital marketing enterprise and Fresh Relevance moved in in February 2016, with a team that had almost tripled in size. "And, most recently, we moved down to the fourth floor of The Print Rooms and we have eighteen people here. It's really been crazy growth!" Says Eddy.

"The most important thing to us, however, has been flexibility. Workspace and Club Workspace have facilitated our growth by enabling us to change thing up when we were experiencing rapid growth."

The Fresh Relevance Team

"Club Workspace was invaluable in helping us to get our foot on the ladder, and transitioning to full Workspace members since has given us the privacy we needed as a growing business," says Eddy.

Initially self-funded, Fresh Relevance is now backed by a large British VC and "it's handy because they're based just down the road from us, at the Shard," says Eddy. "We're in an ideal location – you can pretty much get anywhere from here which helps when we've got meetings in and around town."

But the journey doesn't end there. "We're going to start putting out feelers again this year for a new space in this area, or the Metal Box Factory," says Eddy. The only way is up.

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