JING Tea, based at Kennington Park, is a company that believes in tea that is as delicious as it is uplifting to the spirit. We chatted with Jamie Haselhurst to discover day-to-day life at JING and why Kennington Park has been such a successful home to the brand for almost a decade.

For JING Tea, making a cup of tea is not just preparing a hot drink – it’s an experience. The company’s mission is to inspire the world to enjoy tea at its very best.

The company’s founder, Edward Eisler, was first inspired in a Prague tea house as a teenager. After a visit to China, a degree in Chinese medicine and further travels across Asia, he was inspired by the continent’s great tea cultures and went on to set up JING Tea in 2004 to motivate others to enjoy tea in the same way.

As well as selling the world’s finest tea leaves, JING shows customers how to make the most of them through the company’s expertise, teaware and accessories.

Before joining JING last year, Jamie Haselhurst was more of a coffee person. Now, she works in a company where someone gets up to make a cup of tea every ten minutes.

Jamie HaselhurstJING Tea

Jamie takes care of marketing, events, customer training and the company’s website. One online customer described JING Tea as “obviously passionate about their product and their service”.

Jamie said that she and her colleagues are very happy with their working environment at Kennington Park.

“People like it at Workspace; it’s relaxed. They really like the friendly people who run the environment.”

Jamie recently took part in our new advertising campaign, The Workspace Advantage, to explain the many great reasons why thousands of dynamic businesses in Workspace buildings are Super Connected and given the freedom to work the way they want.

JING’s neighbours in Kennington Park range from fashion brands to architects and artists to management agencies, give the company ideas about how to make the most of its office environment.

“We are definitely inspired by other spaces,” says Jamie, whose responsibilities include reorganising the office space to make improve its productivity.

“We are given the freedom to make the space productive; we want people to enjoy work.”

The company has two separate spaces in Kennington Park, designed to meet two very different business needs. The first space is their office, meanwhile the other is a meeting room overlooking a courtyard used for anything from wining and dining to interviews and tea tastings.

Jamie HaselhurstJING Tea

As for the future, Jamie believes JING will always need a stylish office to serve as a hub for their customer service and sales teams, who are constantly on the road.

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