Workspace customers are wired differently. They have an attitude that the space between your walls is as important as the space between your ears – that your workspace is an important asset of your business. Find out more about what makes Workspace such a unique network of businesses throughout London.

There is a certain attitude among Workspace customers, our employees and within the entrepreneurs at Club Workspace. It’s a desire to build a dynamic working environment that delivers long-term growth and success. It’s infectious and something we believe we need to encourage.

Workspace is by no means just a commercial property provider. It’s a community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, growing and established companies that share the same ambition and desire to make their mark in the capital.

Celebrating the diversity of our customers

With more than 4.5 million square feet of London business space, Workspace is home to more than 4,000 New and Growing Companies, from accountants and lawyers to graphic designers and trampoline parks.

It’s this diverse network of business owners, each of whom have the same thirst for business success, which creates the character and personality behind the Workspace brand.

None of our business centres are restricted to any particular industry or sector. What’s great is that businesses of all backgrounds and professions can secure one of our studios, offices or workshops and tailor their blank canvas however they see fit to create their perfect working environment that’s feature-laden to make talented professionals feel at home.

Our customers are wired differently too

What’s great is that we’re fully in tune with our customers’ needs. At Workspace, we’re wired differently to provide so much more than just a business headquarters for our customers. We equip our customers with immediate access to a business community like no other in the capital.

Scientifically, the entrepreneurs that choose our workspaces are wired differently too. That’s a fact. Peter Bryant, an assistant professor of entrepreneurship at IE Business School in Madrid conducted a qualitative experiment with 30 founder entrepreneurs and 30 non-entrepreneurs back in 2013; the results of which were fascinating.

Brain activity was measured during various tasks, with the activity of founder entrepreneurs recording drastically different to non-entrepreneurs. Founder entrepreneurs were significantly quicker to respond to problems posed and were less inhibited in their way of embracing the issues.

Meanwhile, founder entrepreneurs were also said to dedicate a greater portion of their brain’s resources to resolving problems. In other words, entrepreneurs thought more deeply and intensely about problems posed even after they had embraced them.

At Workspace, we provide our customers with plentiful business opportunities to embrace thanks to our jam-packed events calendar. We like to get people together, whether it’s an industry seminar or a networking breakfast, we work hard to connect like-minded, forward-thinking professionals.

Our collaborative co-working environments are also designed to stimulate the minds of entrepreneurs wired to seek opportunities and tackle challenges head-on. And the result? Many Club Workspace members prospering through trading with and supporting one another.

How our tech infrastructure nurtures this business diversity and entrepreneurial spirit

All 65 Workspace business centres are tuned in to the 21st century way of working. We acknowledge the way entrepreneurs and growing businesses work is changing. That’s why we have and continue to invest heavily in providing a technological infrastructure that is flexible, reliable and, more importantly, superfast to enable our customers to think and move fast.

We listen to the needs of our customers and that’s why we’re now using WiredScore’s connectivity ratings as a benchmark for providing a state-of-the-art, futureproof tech infrastructure across all our business centres.

The Metal Box Factory is one of only 22 commercial properties in the capital to have achieved the Wired Certified Platinum rating, alongside notable buildings such as The Shard and Broadcast House. Our standards are as high as our customers – we want to ensure world-class, secure and reliable connectivity that meets the needs of our customers’ needs now and in the coming years.

We’re providing connected services to businesses of all types via our reliable managed service provider, Excell. Their technology consultants are always on-hand via email, telephone or face-to-face to keep your business connected.

However your business wishes to work, we can make it happen for you at Workspace.

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