How to plan a charitable campaign for your small business

Planning your CSR strategy can be enormously beneficial - not just to the charity you're supporting but to the employees involved in the process as well as clients and customers. But how can you get the maximum benefit from any charitable campaigns on which you're working? Khaleelah talks through some of the ways to make sure your CSR strategy reaps rewards for all.

Charitable campaigns often elicit deep personal reactions, as any successful campaign really should. Unlike other kinds such as brand awareness or marketing campaigns, charitable campaigns ask us to do more than to pay for a good or service. We’re donating money (or time) for what is often an intangible benefit: bettering the world. It can be difficult to engage most people in something that doesn’t appear to have an immediate benefit to or impact on their lives.
Everyone comes from different backgrounds and has a completely different reference frame for most situations. Difference can make for interesting debate and exciting banter but also makes it difficult to engage a wider audience in diverse campaigns, especially charitable campaigns.
If you are organizing a charitable campaign for your community and you want to involve as many members as possible, these three can help immensely:
Create a story around the campaign that the members of your community can relate to. The story should succinctly describe the issue, why the community should care and what members can do about it. 
Be transparent about the campaign - why it began, how it is being implemented, what the goals are and how long it will go. Keep pushing updates and sharing information to continue to promote interest and support. It may even go viral if you make use of hashtags, like #bringbackourgirls.
You can’t be everything to everybody. It should be catchy and interesting, but not overly broad. Come up with something that appeals to the majority of your community while remaining authentic to the cause. If not possible, take the risk of losing some and stay true to the overall mission and vision of the campaign.
What else has set you up for success when creating a charitable campaign for your social community?

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