Tim Flynn Architects (TFA) is an architect and interior design company specialising in high-end residential projects in London boroughs such as Mayfair and Knightsbridge. TFA’s move to Metal Box Factory has given the company a new lease of life in the capital with a more creative space and atmosphere.

We caught up with Brian Wade of TFA to discover just why Workspace has given the company the freedom and inspiration to thrive.

Brian said: “[When we were looking for new space in London] we wanted something different from the space we were in, something that was less PwC and more creative.

“Previously we were in a big white, bright space. There was a meeting room, very white, very glass – not very creative. This was our motivation to leave.”

TFA’s search for new studio space centred firmly on Metal Box Factory in the heart of Southwark, a business centre that Brian felt like “a mini Google and ticked a lot of boxes”.

“We started looking around the area and fell in love with Metal Box Factory,” Brian added. “We really loved how interactive it felt and loved the games room.”

Brian WadeTim Flynn Architects

Brian and TFA were so positive about their move to Workspace they jumped at the chance to be featured in our new advertising campaign, The Workspace Advantage, and Brian can be found in our Wired Differently advert.

More than just the space

The mix of companies, including those from the creative industries, was among the reasons TFA plumped for Metal Box Factory as their new business home.

Brian said: “Under one umbrella are so many different companies – people feel that energy.

“For us it was more about the diversity and versatility. The space is extremely flexible. When our clients come to visit, we can use the more formal meeting rooms, for instance.”

The interaction with other customers, from film production companies to cutting-edge software developers and graphic designers, makes it the ideal environment for TFA.

Being surrounded by other companies from different industries can be of practical help and gives TFA a business advantage too. When TFA needed advice from a sports company, they simply went and knocked on the door of another tenant.

Brian WadeTim Flynn Architects

Day-to-day, the business can also rely on rock-solid, superfast connectivity to stay connected and do their very best work. Metal Box Factory is one of only 22 commercial properties in London to have secured the Wired Certified Platinum rating for connectivity, along with other prestigious buildings such as Broadcast House and The Shard.

But it’s not just the building itself, also the location that makes Metal Box Factory such a hit with TFA and so many other New and Growing Businesses. Whether it’s the buzz of nearby Borough Market, including the British restaurant Roast, or the Shard skyscraper by London Bridge, the area and its ease of access was a big draw too.

In the future, Brian says Workspace suits TFA because of the ease with which they can move to a bigger office if they need more space, which he sums up as “incredible versatility”.

As part of The Workspace Advantage, our workspaces are Wired Differently to give our customers the energy they need to thrive in the capital.

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