We caught up with Nisita Lingegowda and Ilyas Parker of Blue Bridge Solutions, a software development company that specialises in retail personalisation, to understand the challenges they’ve overcome to grow to the size they are and discuss the importance of a positive workspace and connectivity that reliably gets the job done for customers.

The company, whose solutions help retailers improve customer engagement, has been a Workspace customer for around eight years. They recently moved to Metal Box Factory from China Works.

The move has had a very positive impact for the company: it’s given the team of around 25 room to breathe and has enhanced their day-to-day motivation.

“The space was used to be in was really tiny,” explained Ilyas. “We are happier coming into work.

Nisita Lingegowda, who works as a test analyst at Blue Bridge Solutions, likes the flexibility offered by Workspace. At Metal Box Factory in particular, there is a large atrium space, workstations at street level and an on-site café that’s perfect for breakout sessions and informal catch-ups.

Nisita LingegowdaTest Analyst

“My colleagues use the break-out spaces. They’re cool,” said Nisita.

When Ilyas Parker, who helps Blue Bridge’s clients with online point-of-sale and accounts software, needs to take a break, the on-site games room helps him to relax and go back to his desk refreshed.

“We like to loosen up and have a 10-minute break every now and then,” said Ilyas, who also noted Nisita’s approval of the video games and foosball table!

Ilyas ParkerBlue Bridge Solutions

It’s not only the extra space in the office and in break-out areas that makes the difference. The “very smart” environment helps you to plough through your to-do list, added Ilyas.

Your mood changes in this office – you really crack on... the environment creates a more positive attitude for all concerned.

Ilyas Parker, Blue Bridge

In terms of the company’s neighbours at Metal Box Factory, Ilyas confirmed that many neighbouring businesses get together and network throughout the working week.

“There is a positive vibe, people are quite relaxed. They get out and about from their office and aren’t shy talking about what they do,” said Ilyas.

Not only do Blue Bridge benefit from working alongside innovative, like-minded companies, they also depend on the high-performance connectivity that keeps the business flowing. Both Ilyas and Nisita recently took part in our Workspace Advantage campaign to highlight the immense value of the Workspace business community and how it is Wired Differently to many other business hubs across London.

Superfast tech is vital for Blue Bridge to support its clients in the Caribbean remotely. Communicating with colleagues and clients via Skype and Google Hangouts is now commonplace and superfast fibre optic broadband helps make a solid impression with customers overseas.

“This goes towards creating the best quality – this is what our customers want,” said Ilyas.

“Skype is clear here. This is important as we’re living in a fast-paced world.”

In fact, Metal Box Factory is one of London’s ground-breaking commercial properties in terms of connectivity. It’s one of only 22 business spaces in the city to have achieved the WiredScore Certified Platinum rating, alongside notable buildings such as The Shard and Broadcast House.

At Workspace, our standards are as high as our customers’ – we want to ensure world-class, secure and reliable connectivity that helps businesses to grow now and in the coming years.

Looking to the future, Ilyas anticipates many opportunities for Workspace customers, from marketing companies to cutting-edge tech, to work together and learn from each other at training sessions.

“There will be a growth in knowledge sharing and collaboration,” predicted Ilyas.

Certainly at Workspace, we’re Wired Differently not only to provide superfast, future-proof connectivity that helps ambitious, forward-thinking businesses work the way they want, but to nurture innovative environments that encourage individuals to break boundaries. Our brimming events calendar is packed full of exclusive industry events, workshops and seminars designed to stimulate and empower minds.

As part of The Workspace Advantage, our workspaces are Wired Differently to give our customers the energy they need to thrive in the capital.

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