Benedict Smith, Deputy Editor at Freelancing Matters, visited Club Workspace Chancery Lane recently and he told us what he thought about our coworking venue

Over the past couple of months I’ve spent a fair bit of time visiting work-hubs. I usually pitch up, laptop in hand and find a quiet corner to work from. Although my work-hub travels have so far been limited to London, I feel as though I’ve got a good taste of the variety of hubs the London has. I’ll even go as far to say that the fondness I once had for my office chair is wearing thin, largely because the days I’ve spent in work-hubs have been enjoyable, and I suppose most importantly, productive.
One East London hub I spent a day in, was – as expected – brimming with creatives and young techy types. The Westminster space I worked from one Friday seemed like the ideal place for businesses with a social goal, while one impressive North London hub was wonderfully relaxing, summed up by the beanbags dotted about the place.

Next on my hit-list was Clubworkspace just off Chancery Lane, so I jumped on a tube to find out what a work-hub right in the heart of central London had in store for me.

I must admit I had a hard time finding it at first, considering that it sits just a stone’s throw away from the hustle and bustle of Chancery Lane underground. But funnily enough I actually found this rather endearing. The idea of being tucked away and hidden from sight when you’ve got a lot on appealed to me. Granted it’s not ideal if clients tend to visit you, but as a journalist, I found it the perfect place to spend the day writing, while avoiding the distraction of my regular, noisy office.
After a quick tour of the impressive space, I dumped my bag in a corner, slumped into a comfy chair and fired up my laptop. The only noise I could hear was the tapping of fingers on keyboards and my laptop stirring into life. Bliss.

True, this was a rare sunny Thursday afternoon in central London, so for all I know, many of the usual hub occupants could have been out and about, in meetings, or perhaps more optimistically, at the pub– which might have explained the quietness.
Nonetheless, Clubworkspace has both the capacity and the facilities to accommodate more people, but thankfully it boasts many a quiet corner, perfect for some privacy when it does get busier. There must be around fifty modern desks in the main room, two breakout-come-meeting rooms and an impressive atrium, where the events are held.

And members have a whole range of events to attend should they fancy it. The team at Clubworkspace run regular events across their eight London hubs. They are tailored towards entrepreneurs and small businesses, offering business advice and promoting networking and collaboration among members.
As my working day drew to a close – and strangely enough I found myself working later than I would in the FM office – I was pleased with my day’s work. An article which usually would have taken me two hours in the office took me forty five minutes here. Whether this was because of the comfy chairs, the silence, the new surroundings or just my mood, I don’t know. But it was a productive afternoon, which is all that mattered.
So the question is; can Clubworkspace begin to take a hold of the hub scene in the capital? There’s no reason to see why not.  I’m told work is well under way to open three more Clubworkspaces in London (Ladbroke Grove, Dulwich and Borough). But let’s hope they don’t stop there, because it would be a shame if other areas of the UK weren’t able to benefit from the facilities and services, and general vibe, which I thought were second to none.

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