Take inspiration from these recipes from Livewire's Head Chef

Head Chef Davide Gostoli at Livewire created these tasty dishes with fresh, wholesome ingredients. Take inspiration from these recipes and try some out for yourself at Livewire at China Works and Vox Studios in Vauxhall, or Edinburgh House in Kennington. Qualified nutritionist Nick Owen, Founder of What-Food based at China Works, explains why these dishes are so great for your health.

Head Chef Davide Gostoli at Livewire Café at China Works in Vauxhall


Ingredients: Smoked Mackerel with Pul Biber Chilli Flakes, Cannellini Crush, Cherry Tomato & Spinach on Piedmont Rye

Smartphones, TVs and computers all produce blue light which can bring on macular degeneration of the retina and even cause blindness if you are over-exposed to it. The cherry tomatoes and spinach in ‘Oh my Omega’ contain plant chemicals carotenoids and lutein, helping to absorb blue light in a healthy way.

Nick Owen, Founder of What-Food

“Whether it comes from oily fish, or nuts and seeds, omega is great for our cardiovascular health, concentration and overall brain power.” Nick Owen, Founder of What-Food at China Works.



Ingredients: Lamb & Pine Nut Patties with Sumac Yoghurt, Couscous & Pitta

Vitamin B12 plays a vital part in our immune system, yet our bodies cannot produce it. It aids our nervous system and helps create healthy blood cells that make up our DNA. Weakness and fatigue are signs of a vitamin B12 deficiency, so eat enough sources of B12 to help prevent this.

“Lamb is rich in protein, and also B12 which is needed for red blood cells and our nervous system. Rocket is packed with vitamin K, helps lower blood pressure and studies show it is good for the heart.” Nick Owen. 


Ingredients: Puy Lentils & Roasted Aubergine with a Goat’s Cheese & Yoghurt Dressing

The lentils in ‘Full of Beans’ contain zinc, which aids immune function, gene expression and growth and development. It’s also fundamental to skin health and DNA synthesis.

“Lentils are full of health-boosting minerals like iron, zinc and magnesium. It is also a great mix of protein, carbs and fibre.” Nick Owen.

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