Conquer task avoidance, boost attention retention, and ace your next project with these four top procrastination-busting apps.

Daily ways we procrastinate

1) One hour and five minutes: Reading the news

2) 44 minutes: Browsing social media

3) 40 minutes: Chatting with colleagues

Curb the procrastination and get the most out of your working day by downloading these helpful apps:

Screen Time

This iPhone function in Settings generates useful snippets like how often you pick up your phone, how long you spend on Facebook and which apps you spend the most time on.


“Mindfulness apps can be helpful for procrastinators,” says Dr Fuschia Sirois, an academic who researches its effects at the University of Sheffield. “They focus on helping you regulate emotions.” The Headspace Basics course is free and teaches the fundamental techniques of meditation and mindfulness.

Be Focused

Time-management expert Clare Evans recommends the Pomodoro technique, which breaks down work into 25-minute chunks with a five- minute interval.


The ultimate in gamifying your to-do list. As you tick off real-life tasks, your avatar earns rewards and gains experience online. Bizarre but certainly worth trying out.

For more on how to fight procrastination, read ‘Just Do It’ from the latest issue of homeWORK magazine. Also, turn on, tune in and take care with our top five mindfulness apps for workplace burnout.

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