Looking to spread their wings, Reload Digital travelled across the globe to bring their business to London, and they haven’t looked back since.

When Reload Digital's Australian owners, Llew Jury and Craig Somerville, decided to setup a London presence in the aftermath of the credit crunch in 2010, many considered the timing a little odd. The firm had a proven track record as a digital marketing agency in Brisbane, but cracking the lucrative London market always seemed like a daunting task.

However, with their Australian arm growing at 100% year-on-year, London office rents at historic lows and the Aussie dollar surging, Jury and Somerville took a punt that seven years later, looks to have well and truly paid off.

"We knew that the digital industry in the UK was a few years ahead of Australia, and our growth at home meant we were looking for ways to reinvest into other expansion areas," says Somerville.

The agency began to accumulate clients over the ensuing years, its innovative approach to Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click Advertising and Social Media attracting clients and partners alike on the back of a strong client-focused approach. But, the step-change in growth came when the company leased what Somerville calls their first "real office" at Workspace's The Leather Market in 2014.

"Up until then we had quite small premises, some quality clients and a great team, but what was missing was that slightly more innovative environment. A place where we could bring clients, host events and just generally take our business to the next level."

The new London office has also become something of a prize for Reload's international staff to aspire to visit. "We have an annual award in Australia where one employee gets the opportunity to work from our London office for a month, which helps create a global culture." Somerville explains.

Currently undergoing an exciting refurbishment, The Leather Market is an exciting place to work in, predominantly home to dynamic, fast-paced tech companies, which makes it the perfect place to establish a business like Reload Digital amongst well practised peers.

The collaborative element of the communal spaces makes it easy for companies to meet and share ideas, plus it’s easy for a business to move and grow, all in the same space. This has been particularly helpful as since their initial move, Reload Digital has grown at a faster rate than any of its international Reload peers, and has already moved into their second Workspace office (also in The Leather Market) after a rapidly rising headcount meant more space was needed.

The London Bridge location provides a convenient central location for Reload's staff and clients and the flexibility of office space allows the company to continue to scale and create adaptable team spaces.

Reload worked with one of their clients, Vinyl Impression, to create and design a space that is "on brand" and enjoyable to spend all day in, but also makes good use of the break out and communal areas The Leather Market has to offer, not to mention the local area where they take regular ‘walking meetings’

Reload regularly recruits from its international offices, with a number of staff seconded to work in London or Brisbane, bringing with them ideas and experiences that benefit the local teams.

As to where next for Reload, Somerville says the new Leather Market office has given them the space to "grow even more" and continue to deliver great work to their clients. "We're excited to see how far we can take it."

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