Do you have a great idea for a business but need a helping hand? Workspace has teamed up with the Founder Institute to offer their renowned 14-week pre-seed accelerator programme at its spaces across London, as well as three months of free co-working space at Club Workspace.

This is a brand-new initiative between Workspace and Founder Institute, a pre-seed start-up accelerator based in Silicon Valley, California, that has helped over 3,500 companies raise more than $800M across 65 countries.

Founder Institute programme at The Leather Market, London Bridge

The programme lasts 14 weeks, and relies less on theory and more on building up your business alongside London's top start-up experts. It focuses on revenue models, legal and finance expertise, how to go to market and how to prepare for funding. Founders and teams who make it through the process will graduate from the programme, and will work with their portfolio team to continue to grow their company.

"Hardly any founders at the early stage have access to structure, guidance, and personalised mentorship," says Founder Institute Mentor Mercedes Bankston. "Any MBA (Master of Business Administration) programme will teach you the theories of management and strategy, but that isn't our goal. We want you to focus on growing your company using structured sprints all while having access to constant feedback from expert mentors."

Founder Institute programme at The Leather Market, London Bridge

The Founder Institute programme supports early-stage founders and teams with a focus on helping founders gain traction and funding. For those who are still working on their idea, Founder Institute provides a process for initial idea validation.

"It's people at the ideation phase and they need a bit of guidance. They've had the light bulb moment and then they're considering what to do with it," adds Lisa Carroll, Head of Club Workspace. "What I've been noticing is that the process really grounds the individual and pushes them forward. The goal is to have a pitch-ready product so they can actually get investment and funding and it helps founders along the way with different workshops."

People who take part in the programme are put into working groups where they meet with other founders who are invested in their success. "This all happens in a place filled with other entrepreneurs who are going through the same experience," says Mercedes. "And Workspace does a really good job of helping to drive and support the process in an engaging environment. It's a brilliant start-up hub spread across London so we're very happy to be partnered up with them."

How do I apply?

The Founder Institute has two programmes a year and you can apply here. The programme takes on a select number of applicants who have been able to demonstrate strong entrepreneurial capabilities via a predictive admissions assessment. Only the best will be accepted onto the course. If that sounds like you, you can learn more here

Do you have a great business idea waiting to reach fruition? For more information on how to apply to the Founder Institute programme at Workspace register to enroll onto their London programme.

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