Make the most out of your meetings and business will flourish. Here are our top tips for doing just that.

It's essential to get your meeting right. Be it a pitch for new business, a progress catch up, training session or group presentation, meetings that run smoothly can be instrumental in building positive business relations and streamlining workflow. They often form the bones of the working day, so get the most out of them and you'll reap the rewards.

Here are our top tips for hitting the mark at your next meeting.

1. Make a visual impression

The Frames, "Portrait" meeting room

Making an impact in a meeting can be as simple as saying the right thing in the right place. So, to make sure you kick your meeting off with that 'wow' factor, opt for a visually appealing meeting space that strikes a chord with people when they first walk in. The interior design can set a precedent for the discussions ahead.

At Workspace, "Portrait" at The Frames has a great full-wall mural to create a stunning backdrop. The surrounding glass walls overlook trendy Shoreditch and the 12-person meeting room sits atop a lofted mezzanine. Its contemporary interior design, flooded with natural light, is guaranteed to impress.

2. Get out of the box

Westbourne Studios, "Subway" meeting room

Try stepping outside the traditional setting to inspire creative thinking. The best ideas come in unique places. It can be hard to meet beyond four walls, but look to meet in rooms that have character. For instance, "Subway" at Westbourne Studios features a graffitied wall which is harks back to its history. Set below the Westway highway, the wall is a decorated pillar from the road structure. The space oozes urban charm and its writeable wall means creative ideas can flow freely and uninterrupted.

3. Max out on space

Fleet Street, " Top Hat " meeting room

The more the merrier. Unless you're fighting over chairs at the start of a meeting, that is. Make sure you have plenty of room if you're catering to large groups. Look into finding a flexible space that can adapt to your needs. This can be helpful if you're unsure of the number of people that will turn up to a training meeting or networking event, for example.

"Iron" and "Top Hat" at Fleet Street have the unique advantage of being able to merge on demand. You can slide back the partition wall between the two to reveal a conjoined room with the potential to fit the whole team. This is perfect for creating an open-plan space ideal for training days, company presentations or networking events for up to 40 people.

4. Be time efficient

Salisbury House, "Trillion" meeting room

Time is money. Make sure you write an agenda; start and end on time; cover all important items first; and keep notes and circulate minutes. This will help to keep meeting members focused and minimise the risk of time being wasted. Bodyshot Performance based at Parkhall Business Centre suggest standing up in meetings to get the most out of your time - people stay switched on and alert.

At Workspace, individuals can benefit from the rare advantage of an hourly booking system. This means each meeting room can fit around your diary so you can be efficient with your time.

5. Don't let slow tech get the better of you

Edinburgh House, "Master" meeting room

Essential to any pitch, presentation, or training session is technology that runs without a hitch. Edinburgh House’s "Master" is a league above your average meeting room. Its wireless presenting tool Clickshare can be paired with the building's superfast Wi-Fi to give any presentation legs to run with. You won't have to worry about a tech failure here.

6. Load up on snacks!

There's nothing worse than being hit by a hunger pang mid-meeting. Luckily, a wide range of our centres have on-site cafés equipped with snacks galore - light lunches, snacks and hot drinks. For instance, LiveWire Kitchen is on hand at China Works, Vox Studios and Edinburgh House to deliver the goods - just place your order. 

Looking to take your meetings to the next level and make a real impression? Browse our portfolio of 100+ high-spec rooms across London and book your next meeting room online today.