You don’t have to budget for a full refit to give your workspace the wow factor. Just take some tips from an interiors expert...

Generate Studios have worked on the design of some of the coolest company HQs in London, including Pact Coffee, Mind Candy, and Workspace’s own Metal Box Factory, Chester House and Canterbury Court.

We asked Generate’s director, Liz Close, to suggest some fast fixes that will turn even the blandest space into a bright and inspiring work environment – without blowing the annual budget.

1. Wonder walls

If you have a fantastic art collection for your office, so much the better – a plain office with white walls makes an ideal gallery space. But if like most of us, you don’t have that luxury, then be creative and design your own digital wallpaper; there are lots of companies offering the service online.

You could also invest a few minutes searching the vast number of decals you can buy online to give your walls some individuality and interest.

Arch Climbing Wall@ The Biscuit Factory

2. Sound decisions

The opportunity to be social and interact with colleagues is one of the great benefits of going to work, but it can be a real pain when the constant chit-chat is bouncing off every surface. Sort out the acoustics in your office for a headache-free day.

A rug not only beats a solid-colour floor for visual impact, it can also help with acoustics.

There are lots of soundproofing products available to buy, from acoustic wall panels and screens to acoustic “clouds” that can be suspended from the ceiling. The trick is to treat at least two surfaces, such as one wall plus the ceiling. That way, noise won’t be able to bounce around so easily.

3. Tread softly

Brighten up your floor with a feature rug. A rug not only beats a solid-colour floor for visual impact, it can also help with acoustics. Use it to accentuate a breakout area, meeting space or reception. There are some great-value products on the market, from contemporary designs in acid brights to ethnic prints and it pays to shop around!

Matchbox@ Barley Mow Centre

4. Shine on

Office spaces are generally designed to give a uniform light level at desk height – which is fine if all you want to do is sit at your desk. It doesn’t take account of people’s individual preferences or needs. Invest in a few classic desk lamps or quirky standard lamps to give your workspace additional light sources that you can control as you wish. Whether you go for something ultra-modern or the classic Arco or Anglepoise, they’ll look fabulous.

Workspace Alumni: Staffan Tollgaard@ Westbourne Studios

5. Daily grind

Investing in a great bean-to-cup coffee machine will make your office a more energetic place to be – who doesn’t feel better after a double espresso? Make sure you invest in the best beans, too. A poor-quality cuppa is frankly worse than none at all. Ask Workspace customer, Pact Coffee, they will tell you exactly the same!

6. Storage is key

Check out our partners LOVESPACE. Good storage can work wonders by keeping your studio free from clutter and giving you the space to do your very best work every day.

At Workspace, what our customers enjoy most is the ability to transform their business space into one that perfectly reflects their business identity.

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