Discover what it is about a shared working space that makes working in them so rewarding.

According to Harvard Business Review there’s more to being simply ‘happy’ with your job. You should also aim to be ‘thriving’. But what exactly does that mean? Well, there are “two components of thriving,” say Harvard. “The first is vitality: the sense of being alive, passionate, and excited. Employees who experience vitality spark energy in themselves and others. Companies generate vitality by giving people the sense that what they do on a daily basis makes a difference.

“The second component is learning: the growth that comes from gaining new knowledge and skills. Learning can bestow a technical advantage and status as an expert. Learning can also set in motion a virtuous cycle: People who are developing their abilities are likely to believe in their potential for further growth.”

Both these essential aspects to thriving can be found in a co-working environment.

People who use co-working spaces see their work as meaningful.

Unlike a traditional office, co-working spaces are made up of members who work for a range of different companies, ventures, and projects. People who use co-working are often part of smaller or independent companies, working freelance or starting up their own business. This choice often means their work is meaningful to them. Instead of joining a larger company where they are part of something, but often not able to directly influence the company’s direction or decision making, co-working allows for unique and focussed work.

Also, because there is little direct competition or internal politics within a co-working space (everyone is getting on with their individual and varied work) people don’t feel they have to put on a work persona to fit in. Working amidst people doing different kinds of work can also strengthen your own confidence.

They have more job control.

We all like our work day structured a little differently. Some of us like to work in short bursts with tight deadlines, some prefer an intense morning session followed by a longer break before the afternoon. Some of us can start work early, others find their best ideas and stamina come in the evening. Co-working spaces are usually accessible 24/7 meaning people can decide whether to put in a long day or take a break from a project or task. When deadlines are looming there’s always the space available to get the extra work completed.
The amount of control over work/life balance is a huge benefit from co-working spaces. People can choose whether they want to work in a quiet space for focus, or in a collaborative space where interaction is encouraged. If they have an appointment or need to stay home for all or part of the day, there are no repercussions.
It’s important to note here that too much autonomy can potentially hinder productivity due to a lack of routine. However, co-workers have reported that having a community to work in helps them create structures and discipline that motivates them.

They feel part of a community.

Each co-working space has its own vibe. Depending on what you’re looking for, you can pretty much match your working style to the surroundings. Each space will have a manager that looks to meet members’ needs but also to create somewhere unique for people to not only work, but to be inspired and engaged.

A big part of this is a sense of community. You might not be working directly with the people sitting around you, but connections with others are a big reason why people pay to work in a communal space, as opposed to working from home or renting an office. Making friends with someone from another industry or grabbing a coffee with someone facing a similar working challenge can give new insight and help make work challenges more manageable.

Fancy co-working?

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