Based at Club Workspace Clerkenwell, Traffique is a fashion-tech start-up taking things back to the streets to gather momentum on the style scene. We speak to Co-Founder Alain Teale to find out how they found the perfect base to get their business off the ground.

In 2017, creative duo Alain Teal and Isabel Ron-Pedrique came together to form Traffique. The cross-platform application relies on a team of dedicated photographers dispersed throughout 30 cities across the globe to snap the hottest trendsetters living everyday lives.

We started out of the need to find an antidote to the 'influencer fashion' that surrounds us and tries to dictate what we wear.

says Alain TealeCo-Founder and Business Director

They didn't set out with an aim to lay down the fashion law, instead, "We wanted to empower people. We wanted to give people a voice," he says.

For Traffique, true style isn’t found on shoots and the social media pages of influencers and bloggers. It’s best seen on the streets, "Worn by ordinary people like you and me," says Alain. "We invite our community to 'live' the style of the people we capture by clicking on their photos on our website to shop and discover the individual's tastes, clothes, music, location and more."

In a bid to jump-start the start-up, Alain and Isabel built their website up to a level that provided proof of concept and validated their idea. They then went on to raise seed capital in 2017, which gave the company the funds it needed to look to bigger and better things.

A year on, and they're currently in the process of raising a new round of funding to accelerate their growth all the more. "It's been a very successful year and people seem to really love the concept," says Alain. And well-known brands seem to have clocked the novel idea too. "Rather than simply posting a sponsored advert, we will get a call from a brand who wishes to do things a little differently and we collaborate with them to achieve just that," he says.

Since picking up pace, the fashion-tech platform felt the necessity to search for a new space that complemented the Traffique ethos. Club Workspace Clerkenwell seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

"As a start-up and a disruptor on the fashion scene, we needed somewhere with a lot of energy to inspire brainstorming, group involvement and innovative ideas. We were never going to start up in silence!" says Alain. "We looked at a few different options and none of them had the buzz that Club Workspace had."

The move had a huge positive impact on the team members and the company as a whole, Alain explains. "We are natural networkers who strongly believe in a shared space environment and the opportunities these can create." And Club Workspace Clerkenwell opened up a whole new vein of people to connect with.

So much so, that after just a few days at their new base, Alain met, connected and employed Peter Macdonald of Empires Union, who specialises in commercial and marketing strategies for fashion businesses. He immediately joined the Traffique family, "Which would not have happened anywhere else," says Alain. "We continue to participate in the events created by the wonderful Jennifer and her team within our facilities as well as a number of events organised in other Workspace locations. We are here to stay."

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