With locations dotted across London, Club Workspace is enabling fast-growth businesses from all industries to flourish. Find out how its business-ready spaces are enabling a community of like-minded entrepreneurs to work in the way that's best for them.

Work the way you want

Flexibility is key. Club Workspace members can choose to work from a network of 20 expertly designed, professional spaces across London, allowing them to grow their business from an environment that’s in tune with the way they work.   

Fernando Irigoyen, a Career and Executive Coach, is a Club member who has chosen to work where and how he likes. Due to the large number of Club Workspaces across London, he mixes things up and splits his time between Club Workspace The Frames, Edinburgh House and Kennington Park

"When I quit my job and started working self-employed, I wasn't quite sure whether I wanted to make an investment on a working space. It can be a lot of money every month to commit to," he says. "For a few months, I worked in different places like home, cafes and the library and I then joined Club Workspace"

Fernando IrigoyenCareer and Executive Coach

"It gives me the flexibility I was looking for. I'm now able to make the most of working across different locations in the city," says Fernando. "The breakout spaces at Kennington Park are the perfect quiet place to coach my clients and I can work from anywhere on my laptop. I don't like to work with too much noise, so when I need to get my head down and focus, the individual desks at The Frames are great."

Business-ready spaces

Club Workspace Kennington Park in Oval

The business grade Wi-Fi at Club Workspace enables young and rapidly growing companies to flourish without a hitch. "Our Club Workspaces are spacious, full of high-speed technology, and the embodiment of up-and-coming trendy work places," says Tracey Siu, Club Manager at Fleet Street, Clerkenwell Workshops, and Barley Mow Centre. "They are the perfect place to generate those creative brain cells." 

Tracey SiuClub Manager

A thriving business community 

Club Workspace Brickfields in Hoxton

The Workspace community has over 3,000 fast-growth businesses. It was the relaxed and professional co-working environment at Club Workspace The Leather Market that attracted Johanna Ho, Founder of ethical fashion brand PHVLO. 

She was drawn to Club Workspace because of its sense of community – community-building being a core part of her company ethos. “Sometimes when you have your own private office you don’t actually talk to other people and make connections," she says. "But the space here allows people to link up and connect.” “We look forward to meeting all collaborators who could be our potential partners and we can work together to create a positivity-driven community."

Johanna HoFashion Designer at The Leather Market

“Workspace customers and members are the most driven, ambitious and motivated individuals I have ever met,” adds Roberts Gurskis, Club Manager at The Leather Market and Quality Court. “To be a part of the Workspace family is like being with your own. It's a place where entrepreneurs can be inspired by one another.”

Roberts GurskisClub Manager

Want to experience putting the work back into co-working? 

Choose from 20 Club Workspace locations across the city to make sure you're never far from the action or your clients. By joining a community of over 3,000 businesses, you get to work alongside like-minded entrepreneurs in an atmosphere designed for ideas to grow into long-term successful companies.

All our members have access to a calendar bursting with educational events, over 100 bookable meeting rooms and members benefits, such as funding advice, partner discounts and exclusive access to our customer offer platform WorkspacePerks. 
Head to our co-working page to browse locations, make the most of a free co-working day trial and book a viewing, or call 020 7369 2389 to enquire today.