Online marketing agency, Orchid Box, have just moved into Club Workspace London Bridge. They've worked for Sky and publishers Harper Collins and have now just launched their latest project, a publishing network, Geniad.

Online marketing agency, Orchid Box, have just moved into Club Workspace London Bridge. They've worked for Sky and publishers Harper Collins and have now just launched their latest project, a publishing network, Geniad. 

Tell us a bit about yourselves

We are three core members: Frank, Ben and Sarah. Frank is originally from Italy with over ten years' experience in SEO. Having started as a web developer, he founded Orchid Box approximately six years ago. He is a well-rounded internet marketer and a web geek. Fun fact - Frank is a keen adventurer having backpacked around six continents.

Ben's background is in digital art and technology and loves tinkering with the latest web technologies. He helps our clients bolster their presence online through the latest trends in web, digital marketing and PPC. Ben passed his Google Analytics qualification in February and helped Orchid Box achieve Google Partner status. Fun fact - Ben used to be a Visual Jockey live across European festivals and gigs.

Sarah is the online marketer and PR gal with a creative background in Graphic Design and Copywriting. Managing the content and relations of our clients as well as PPC, she is also Google Qualified and loves experimenting with promoting through social media platforms. Fun fact - she is a long-suffering Bristol Rovers supporter.

We also have a number of talented interns.

Pitch your business in a sentence

Specialists in search algorithms, data analysis, growth hacking, analytics installation and smart inbound marketing; we can do difficult!

Give us a potted history of Orchid Box

We are a specialist online marketing agency based in Club Workspace London Bridge. Simply put, we help startups and more established businesses to achieve their full potential in all marketing channels from email to the search engines and social media.

What have been your biggest business challenges?

As international agency we work with different webmasters across the world. Our work with Nigeria in particular involved a whole different approach than, say, Europe. Our industry is merging to PR and getting our content published on sites like The Huffington Post or Grazia was a great achievement with a focus on quantity and quality.

Where do you see your business in a year's time? In three years' time?

The digital market has been shifting significantly in recent months, so we have adapted to become a much more versatile team. With our expertise in technical SEO as well as providing content, we have the ability to adjust swiftly. In a year's time, we can see ourselves working more on our own projects (we can build AND market) as well as getting more influential contacts with journalists at Mashable, Techcrunch and The Huffington Post.

What advice would you give to small businesses on the easiest ways to improve their SEO?

The easiest way to improve your SEO is to initially get yourself set up with Google Analytics or Google Webmaster tools and have that tracking correctly. Then to get yourself a comprehensive audit of your website to see the areas that need improving.

You can also get yourself a strong landing page (usually the home page), generate fresh high quality content when you can and promote on various social media to up the profile of your brand.

What's your office luxury?

The beanbags at Club Workspace London Bridge certainly make meetings gloriously comfortable. We also have the odd Orchid Box picnic whilst the weather is good.

Who would you ask (dead or alive) to be a dream member on your board of directors?

Rand Fishkin - the SEO genius in our industry currently works for Moz and is always full of great advice. The SEO industry is constantly evolving and it's great to have that company and individual to keep on top of matters so you don't have to. He also has a cracking beard.

Also, Richard Branson might be the obvious choice but you can't deny that the Virgin brand is really fantastic. He's never afraid to take a risk.

What's the best bit about coworking?

The lively, sociable yet relaxed atmosphere. In our first week, we meet a tech company and after two months we started a fast growing publisher network in Europe called

It really does bring out your best side. You're surrounded by like-minded people wishing to develop their own particular niche. You gain experience of how other businesses work to aid in growing your own.

Find out more about Orchid Box.

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