Club Workspace Kennington regular, Angel Maldano, talks us through his search company Colbenson, his advice for a successful business and the things that make him tick outside of work.

Club Workspace Kennington regular, Angel Maldano, talks us through his search company Colbenson; his advice for a successful business; and the things that make him tick outside of work.  

Tell us a bit about yourself 

I love most water sports. I play guitar and enjoy poetry and meditation. I lived in San Francisco from 1995 to 1997, then moved to Liverpool – what a change! – from 1997 to 2003 where I did my degree in Computer Information Systems at Liverpool University. I then moved to Spain in 2003 and, since 2012, I’ve lived in London. I founded Colbenson; it’s a thirty-person strong development and usability team based in the North of Spain (Ferrol) where the Empathy Project, Colbenson Learning and SearchBroker are developed. We work for top online stores like Zalando, Zara and Mango. We are also involved with the internal search engine for the Spanish National Library which has over 300 million books. BBVACompass is another project we’re involved with - it enables access to every enterprise repository on a platform called Enterprise Search. Pitch your product in a sentence SearchBroker is our flagship product, a unique cloud-based Site Search, Auto-Complete and Navigation platform that turns the experience of finding and discovering data on eCommerce stores into a fun and joyful process.

Give us a potted history of your business

I started as a System Integrator for other Search Technologies such as Autonomy, Google and Microsoft Fast, delivering courses and training globally. Then, with the growth of Open Source technology and social media, we had the opportunity to create a powerful Search product designed for eCommerce stores. To achieve all that, we created a research project - the Empathy Project. It’s a lab for crazy ideas – both on the rational and the emotional side of the process of finding products online. Today more than 50 online stores, some of them as huge as Zara and Mango, run their Site Search on our platform in the cloud.

What advice would you give someone starting up in your industry

Have a five year plan. Close your eyes and visualize it. Think about it, about all its details, the light, the sounds, the ambience that will surround you in five years time. Then open your eyes and think about what can you do today. Do it passionately, artistically and put all the strength of your love into it.

Who would you ask (dead or alive) to be a dream member on your board of directors?

By all means Isaac Asimov is the man for the job. Having that capacity of anticipation is pure success.

What’s your desert island song/book/luxury?

Good company - it can be a person, an animal or a beautiful music instrument.

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