We caught up recently with Club Workspace member, Tom Copeland, executive director of Postman Sports Communications, to discuss the motives of him and his partners to set up in business and what attracted them to Club Workspace.

Postman Sports Communications are a company which specialise in helping sporting brands better connect and interact with their followers. They achieve this through the creation and delivery of engaging content and online experiences, which, in turn, captivate target audiences and maximise the impact of their clients’ stories.

We asked Tom and his colleagues, Geert Broekhuizen and Annemieke Sirks to tell us a little more about what sowed the seeds in the creation of the business, why they selected Club Workspace for their London base and what the future holds.

What made you start your business in the first place?

The decision came from a desire between myself and my business partner, Geert, to create better and more effective communications for sports brands to help them create lasting identities rather than short-term visibility.

Pitch your business to us in a sentence or two…

Postman Sports Communications is an international Content Marketing and PR agency focused on the sports sector, developing and delivering communications strategies for brands, teams, events, athletes and more. We have a strong belief in developing comprehensive strategies ... never start without a plan.

What attracted you to become a Club Workspace member? Why didn’t you choose to work from home?

I started off working from home to keep costs down but the networking angle and the ability to work around people in a vibrant, young environment was appealing and has inadvertently helped with productivity.

What’s the best thing about being your own boss?

Being able to get really in-depth with clients and prospects to understand what makes them tick, and as a result being able to then make better educated strategic decisions to help them grow through their communications.

How do you define what makes a successful entrepreneur?

Success isn’t necessarily totally defined in growth and finances, but in creating a business and processes that become self-sufficient and lasting, while delivering results for clients.

Is there anything you’d do differently if you started your business from scratch again?

We’re still in our early days, so ask me that question again in 12 months’ time!

What three technologies have helped make your life easier as a start-up?

As a team we love the team communications' tool, Slack! It allows us to streamline internal communications when working from different locations and with freelancers. As a business we also use QuickBooks to service all of our finances and invoicing, another great tool for small businesses.

A third technology, although very well known, but one we use a lot is Skype. Being based in three different countries means that we need a good way of speaking to each other in teams, and with Skype calls and video we have this covered.

What have been your biggest challenges whilst establishing your business?

Finding the right people for your team is always testing, and then fully relinquishing responsibility to them once established in their roles having always been in a controlling position. However, confidence in your team soon makes this an easy step to take. Otherwise, building a business from three different locations, both London, Belgium, and the Netherlands had its restrictions but you soon find ways to work around this.

What does the future hold for Postman? Where do you hope to be in 1, 3 and 10 years’ time?

We're gradually working our way into a range of sports now and have ambitions to spread into markets in other countries outside of Europe. In one year, we hope to have continued to grow our client base and team around these, allowing us more space to look at developing relationships with contacts in other areas for growth within the next 10 years. In 10 years' time, we're aiming to have two well-established and respected HQs in London and Europe, with a developing team installed in our third target location for growth.

What interesting trends are occurring within your industry right now?

We always have to be aware of what the next developments in digital communications are; be it from small changes such as having more control over social media analytics, to the latest in 360-degree and Virtual Reality imagery. Tech is constantly evolving the world we work in and you have to keep up with the trends to make sure you're delivering the most effective content to audiences.

What are the most important tips you can provide to any budding entrepreneur looking to set up in business?

If you have confidence and belief in your idea, then stick to it. There will be ups and downs, and periods of self-doubt but the rewards will far outweigh the tough times. Also, never neglecting working on sales and prospective clients when times are busy! This can catch you out very quickly and is something to stay on top of all the time.

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