Find out how you can make the most of this area and all the perks of co-working spaces.

The benefits of co-working are numerous — It’s flexible, and you can control a lot about how you do business. We already explored why people thrive in co-working environments, and London is a fantastic place to get started — a city with everything to offer from culture to those vital business connections and clients.

West London in particular is a dynamic business hub with its connections to London Heathrow, a major international airport. West London allows you to extend your reach to the enormous amount of people using the area as a gateway into the city, plus make use of the transport links yourself, as its easy to get around from this part of London.

Mark Reynolds, Director of WeMakeGyms, based his company at Club Workspace Barley Mow Centre. WeMakeGyms are experienced fitness specialists dedicated to the design, construction and management of innovative, industry-leading gyms in private homes and commercial spaces throughout the UK and worldwide. Whether it's an in-home personal workout room, a corporate gym or the focal point of a large residential development, they provide everything you need to create the perfect fitness space.

“I ran my own personal training business alongside a career at a leading health club provider. Once I reached management at the flagship I saw how much opportunity there was for a health and fitness specific consultancy service.

“Being based near Central London is perfect for various WeMakeGyms site visits, conferences and localised research etc. But also accessing the rest of the UK is easy too: by Clapham Junction from Chiswick mainline, King’s Cross St Pancras via Turnham Green on the Piccadilly Line or out by road via the A4/M4”, says Mark.

Head West

When you’re co-working, you (and your team if necessary) need to be able to get around an area as quickly as possible. Luckily, West London is served by seven out of the twelve London Underground lines, including the Piccadilly line (which splits in both northerly and southerly directions), plus Overground and National rail. There’s also plans for a West London Orbital Rail service that would run north to south of the district. If this goes ahead, passengers could travel from North to West London without having to go through central.

It's also a great area for some green space, just far away enough from the hustle and bustle to recharge. Mark agrees: “My favourite part of West a London is hands down Richmond Park. A sun kissed run, long walk or adventure with a doggo or two is my idea of blissful escapism!”

In case you wondered who else is making the most of this location, companies such as The Football Association in Wembley, BSkyB in Isleworth and British Airways PLC in Harmondsworth, are all located in West London. But perhaps most impressive of all, however, is Hammersmith which is home to the head offices of everyone from Disney, Fox TV UK, ESPN, L’Oréal to Betfair and Agilisys.

Find your tribe

When you’re looking to work from a space shared with other companies or freelancers, you might want to be surrounded by people from your industry or prefer a more eclectic mix. Although you can’t guarantee who you’ll be with on a day to day basis, certain areas in West London are predisposed to particular types of business.

Co-working in West London provides quite a range of industries, depending on the area you choose. For instance, Bond Street is where you’ll find a bevy of high-end designer boutiques and the iconic Selfridges and Claridge's. Bond Street itself is synonymous with being the jewellery capital of London. A stone’s throw from the station is St Christopher's Place, home to several shops that sell fashion, arts, shoes and home furnishings, with leading names and well-known brands.

Notting Hill has a quirkier feel. Bookshops and rare music shops as well as thriving market trade are the order of the day her, as well as the famous annual Notting Hill Carnival. The carnival attracts up to 1.5 million people, making it the largest street festival in the world.

Chiswick is a bit of a hidden gem (and considered one of the prettiest and leafiest suburbs in the capital). A unique mix of village and city and less than 30 minutes from central London on the tube, the area's broad clean streets and independent shops and cafes make it attractive to potential business and co-workers alike.

“I grew up in Chiswick,” explains Mark. “I went away to Portsmouth for university — then returned to Chiswick for my career. As a result. most of my clients for Mark Reynolds Fitness are from Chiswick, Barnes and the surrounding areas.”

With good road connections, links to Heathrow and only a half hour’s journey from the west end, the area is a commuter’s paradise. Chiswick is a hub of creativity and innovation — perfect for co-working in West London.

The gateway to London

West London can grant you some of the best access to the centre of the city and a wide range of different business types for you to work amongst, but for those who also seek international travel Heathrow Airport is the jewel in London’s crown, handling over 72 million passengers a year. That figure is expected to double when the third runway and sixth terminal are built between 2025 and 2029.

If you frequently need to fly back to your clients or other business hubs, you can do so with ease. Heathrow also provides a constant flow of fresh potential clients every day. With new people to meet and network with, you’ll never run out of exciting new business.

As well as the runway and terminal developments, Heathrow is undergoing additional transport improvements including:

  • Better connections to Central and East London with a new Crossrail link.
  • Bus and Coach interchange at Heathrow will be expanded and linked to 5 different motorway networks.
  • Better access to Western Rail will improve connections to the West and South West.
  • HS2 connection with Old Oak Common will provide a faster option to and from the Midlands and the North.
  • Rail capacity to treble from 18-40 trains an hour.


I'm sold - where can I co-work in West London?

Of course, you could join Mark and his company at the Barely Mow Centre. “I love it at Barley Mow” (which he affectionately dubs BMC) says Mark. The vibe is nice with the residents and ‘remoters’ (like me) mixing and interacting within what is a bright and airy space with awesome amenities. The Larder Cafe has surprisingly good quality food (I’m a health and fitness snob remember!) and the girls are friendly and always embrace my (bad) jokes! 

The Light Box 111 Power Road, Chiswick, W4 5PY

Club Workspace The Light Box is a custom-designed co-working space, in the heart of West London's business centre, The Light Box. Situated between Chiswick Park and Gunnersbury it offers a range of shared workspace, desk space and dedicated desks tucked away for you to use if you need things a little quieter to focus.

The co-working space has been designed with small businesses and start-ups in mind, and is ideal for solo working, collaborating or casual team meetings. With excellent road connections, convenient links to Heathrow, and only a 30-minute journey to the West End, Chiswick is a commuter’s paradise.

Outside of the Club, the building features a fantastic cafe, high-tech meeting rooms that are bookable online and a basketball-themed central atrium — perfect for Friday beers!

The Light Bulb 1 Filament Walk, Wandsworth, SW18 4GQ

One of our leafiest Clubs, Club Workspace The Light Bulb is perfect for people who want the hustle, without the bustle. Located in The Light Bulb, this desk space and shared co-working space is just a short work from Wandsworth Town Station, and the fantastic Old York Road.

Light, airy and featuring an impressive central atrium, this is a custom-designed co-working space for new businesses and start-ups. With sound-minimising cubicles for getting your head down, open-plan desk space for collaboration and plenty of break-out space for casual team meetings, this Club is ideal for companies wanting to take their next step, or freelancers looking to move themselves out of a home office.

Outside of the Club space, The Light Bulb also boasts professional, high-tech meeting rooms that are bookable online, and a fantastic on-site cafe, serving up delicious breakfasts, lunches and, most importantly, coffee.

If you’re an entrepreneur, small business or professional that wants the opportunity to work in an inspirational West London environment, surrounded by all manner of creative industries, why not come and check out Club Workspace.

Looking for something more permanent? It couldn’t be simpler with Workspace. Browse our property portfolio, or check out our inspiring events calendar to view all upcoming events that could be beneficial to you and your business.

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