We catch up with Club Workspace member Georgia Pickering, Managing Director & CEO of CMS Strategic, on what working life is like at Club Workspace Kennington Park.

Tell us how you first got involved in your organization, or if you’re a founder, why you decided to set up your business?

I joined Campaign Marketing Services nearly ten years ago as a PR Executive supporting CMS’ retail, aerospace and security industry clients. I took over the business in late 2015 as Managing Director and CEO.

As all small business owners will recognise, the role is varied and any one day can involve business development, strategy, finance and HR as well as the delivery to our clients.

I have always been interested in the development of cutting edge technology in the range of industries we support: from medical and motorsport to aerospace, cyber, retail and technology. The sheer innovative brilliance of these industries to meet urgent requirements is so impressive, and it is of immense importance to get these stories and messages to the media.  


What’s the best moment been in your journey so far? 

Every time a client obtains press coverage, a key piece of publicity, or wins a contract feels like “the best moment”. When we start working with a new client the CMS team aims to become part of their family, to understand their businesses and help them grow and meet key milestones. We are continually working on big projects to support our clients, and it is always a highlight when each one is delivered successfully, as a team.

What’s it like to base yourself in a co-working environment? 

It is great to have our space in the Club Workspace. As a dynamic, specialist agency, it is stimulating to be around creative professionals who also run or work for their own small businesses. SMEs have such an important contribution to the economy and they should be very highly valued and supported. 

What are your top 3 must have items for working productively (apart from your laptop and smart phone!) 

Communication, flexibility and HUMOUR. Our work can be very high pressure and stressful at times of peak activity, but we manage to be able to laugh together.

In terms of resource: access to 24/7 news is essential (so WIFI), CMS’ invaluable media contact database, a pen and notebook for ideas and meeting notes. 

Do you ever regret starting something new? 

No, I am proud of CMS and it has taken me on a very unique journey, in a fascinating industry.

What’s your advice for the next generation of startups and entrepreneurs?

Attention to detail is of upmost importance, make sure that you are wholly content with the content or products that you are creating, delivering and promoting. However, it is of equal importance to think and plan ahead. Develop a five-year business strategy with all your key aspirations and the steps needed to reach those goals. Even if you don’t rigidly stick to the plan, it will help guide your thinking and keep you concentrated on business development.


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