How Club and the Prince's Trust, a charity which supports 13 to 30 year olds who are unemployed or struggling at school, are working together to help young entrepreneurs.

The Prince's Trust is a charity which supports 13 to 30 year olds who are unemployed or struggling at school. The charity helps develop their key skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to move into work, education or training.
Club Workspace is supporting the charity by offering a discount to their members. The Prince's Trust also held an event for their members at Club Workspace London Bridge. We talked to Rosanna Wakefield, their Volunteer Executive, about what they do.

What does the Prince’s Trust do?

The Prince's Trust supports 13 to 30 year olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion. Many of the young people we help are in or leaving care, facing issues such as homelessness or mental health problems, or have been in trouble with the law.

Our programmes give young people the practical and financial support they need to stabilise their lives. We help develop key skills, confidence and motivation, enabling young people to move into work, education or training.

Why do you think entrepreneurship is such an important skill for young people to master?
Equipping a young person with the skills of entrepreneurship is one of the most empowering things that The Trust can do.  Particularly for young people that may not have the necessary academic qualifications or skills to apply for certain jobs becoming an entrepreneur is a unique way that they can take control of their own future. Every young person has a talent and by giving them the basic skills and knowledge needed to run a business they can use that talent, whatever it may be, to be successful and do something they love.

Any examples of some inspirational businesses supported by The Prince's Trust?
There are a huge variety of businesses supported by the Prince’s Trust, here’s a few:
Neon Moon - this is a feminist lingerie business that has recently launched following incredible support through a Kickstarter campaign.
So Fraiche Media - a bespoke London based media production agency who have worked with companies such as Nike and ASOS.  

Teala Bar - London’s first fresh tea bar serving exotic hot and cold teas using fresh fruit and herbs and whole spices.
Incredible Brilliant Youth - Their mission is to help raise generations of confident, self-assured young people. They recently travelled to New York for the TedXTeen conference where they interviewed Nile Rogers.

What can startup and SMEs do support the initiatives that the Prince's Trust run and to help disadvantaged young people more generally?

Startups and SMEs can support disadvantaged young people in many ways with the Prince’s Trust. They can support the young entrepreneurs by delivering workshops on specific areas of business or an industry. Speaking at events about their experiences and in particular the challenges they faced when starting up is a great way to share knowledge and meet lots of budding entrepreneurs. Individuals could also become mentors and support young people to write a business plan and then grow that business or, more generally to support a young person in progressing into education, training or employment.
Start-ups and SMEs can support lots of other initiatives in the Prince’s Trust by hosting some young people for high quality work experience, for example, or getting involved in Get Hired days where young people interview with lots of different companies in the aim or getting at job. There are so many ways that SMEs and individuals can support disadvantaged young people, just get in touch to find out!

All photos were taken by Diana Novikova who runs a photography business which is supported by the Trust.
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