Ex-Nike, Disney and Coca Cola, Charlotte Dennis is a marketer who now runs Curious Consultancy from Kennington Park. She tells Club host Raissa about her business and which entrepreneur inspires her.

Curious is a strategy and innovation consultancy run by Charlotte Dennis. She also lectures at The Marketers’ Forum, who are also based at Kennington Park and speaks at Club Workspace networking and workshop events. Curious Consultancy offers long-term business plans, strategic marketing plans, communications plans and market insights.

She tells Club host Raissa about her business journey as a woman and an ambitious entrepreneur.

Curious Consultancy

Tell us about yourself

I worked for Coca-Cola, Disney and Nike for 19 years, in varying senior leadership roles, across brand and commercial functions. But I started wondering what the world outside of US mega brands was like...

I never took my career for granted. I feel immensely lucky to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with these global power houses. But I started to become “curious”.

Do your homework, assess your competitive environment, refine your offering and keep it simple.

Charlotte Dennis, Curious Consultancy


“Curious” about pursuing my passions for consulting and teaching. I was “curious” about the way in which large corporates do business. Having worked for three large US brands, I started to wonder if there was another way to do business, another way to build a business plan, understand a consumer, build a forecast, plan a marketing campaign.

So the word “Curious” kept popping up. When it came to creating a company it was right there in front of me… “Curious”.


How does being a female entrepreneur give you an edge?

I never think about my gender as a dimension of importance when looking at entrepreneurship. The key components to being an entrepreneur are creativity, work ethic, networking and being humble.

Taking the plunge into self-employment is one that many, including myself, were cautious about. The shackles of everyday living, in addition to the comfort of a monthly salary, bonuses and benefits makes it a tough decision. Especially in today’s competitive environment.

What advice would you give to a female entrepreneur?

Do your homework, assess your competitive environment, refine your offering and keep it simple – just some of the approaches I have used to develop my business and brand. To coin a phrase, just do it!

The female entrepreneur who most inspires you?

Coco Chanel: a remarkable woman from humble beginnings. She created the fashion brand we know today, in an environment that didn’t encourage female entrepreneurship, navigating her business through two world wars and liberating women from the constraints of corsets by creating a sporty, casual fashion line that is still used by designers today as inspiration, a trend called ‘athleisure’, which is seeing a real resurgence.”

Find out more about what Charlotte Dennis does at curiousconsultancy.com

Raissa at Club is particularly interested in the stories of female entrepreneurs - read more about her initiatives for encouraging female business owners here.