Have you decided that 2017 is going to be the year you well and truly make your mark? If you’re London-based and looking to set up a new business or go self-employed, co-working is your best possible starting point.

As a fledgling start-up, keeping early overheads to a minimum is of valuable importance. When you’re not yet sure of the long-term viability of your business the last thing you want is to commit to sizeable office space; but by the same token you want to demonstrate professionalism and high standards from the word go.

Instead of working from home as a team of one, co-working in London gives you the opportunity to feel part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, fostering levels of productivity, innovation and drive that simply wouldn’t be possible working from home in your spare room.

Still not persuaded? We’ve built a rather convincing case of 15 reasons why London’s newest band of start-ups, freelancers and self-employed professionals should consider Club Workspace for their business base:

  • It’s a reason to leave the house
    If you’re starting to factor in loading and unloading the dishwasher, hanging out the washing and the hoovering into your daily work routine, it’s a tell-tale sign that working from home just isn’t productive for you. It’s vitally important to get that work/life balance and co-working allows you to create a clear distinction between work and home life.
  • No more expensive cafes
    As a business start-up, daily coffees from your nearest Costa or Starbucks will hurt your bottom line! It’s not particularly good for your health either, having to buy hourly coffees to legitimise taking up a precious table with your laptop for days on end!
  • Network with relevant people within your industry
    Undoubtedly one of the hardest aspects of setting up a new business in London is to network and build valuable connections with relevant, influential people within your industry. The capital is a big place and it can be hard to make yourself heard. Becoming a member at Club Workspace gives you access to a jam-packed calendar of talks and seminars that can provide precious insight and inspiration.
  • Meet clients face-to-face
    Working in an environment full of creative and ambitious entrepreneurs is a great place to entertain clients and meet potential new ones too. Club Workspace members can book meeting rooms located on-site, each with state-of-the-art technology, to help make the perfect impression.
  • Discuss – and solve – your business problems amongst your peers
    Another great reason co-working works for so many start-ups and self-employed entrepreneurs is that they can interact daily with their peers, using them as a soundboard for ideas and problems. Being the lone, driving force behind a start-up can be unnerving, particularly if you have no-one to ask for reassurance and advice. Your co-working peers will understand what you’re going through and can impart their experience and knowledge to help you grow as an entrepreneur.
  • Transform your social life
    It’s natural when devoting all your time and energies into getting your start-up business off the ground that your social life will take a hit. But working as part of a co-working community – home to dozens of people with the same aspirations and daily struggles as yourself – you’ll meet heaps of like-minded people that you can share a beer together with after work.
  • Secure access to a better working environment
    The moment you become a Club Workspace member, you’ll have access to an incredible working environment that’s designed to help you thrive. You won’t need to invest heavily in creating your own office – from connectivity to furniture and storage – and can simply get straight down to business from day one.
A working environment fit for London's entrepreneurial communityClub Workspace Vox Studios


  • Flexible membership packages
    At Club Workspace we try our very best to offer personalised membership packages to members, giving them more of what they need and less of what they don’t. Our three flexible packages allow you to choose from the ability to work from any of our Clubs at any time through to having your own designated desk at a specific Club location – the choice is yours. And with minimum contract terms of just one month you’re not tied in; perfect for those wishing to test the water and determine if co-working is for them.
  • No concern of eviction or spiralling rent
    With a flexible co-working membership, you can work safe in the knowledge that your business is under no threat of eviction – given that you don’t have dedicated premises – and nor are you at risk of rising rents which can make or break some businesses.
  • Heightened professionalism
    Have you started taking conference calls at home in your pyjama bottoms? That’s a tell-tale sign that you’re not giving your work the professionalism it deserves. By the very nature of having a dedicated place of work, your mindset will change for the better, encouraging you to adopt a more professional, outward approach. After all, if you’re a one-man-band that doesn’t take pride in his or her appearance then what hope do you have?!
  • Achieve the perfect work/life balance
    One major problem with working from home is that it can become very difficult to know when to step away from your desk. Achieving the perfect work/life balance is practically impossible working at home given that there’s no definitive ‘end’ to your working day. If you find yourself checking your email inbox even at bedtime then you know that it’s time to make a change – co-working could be the best change you make as an entrepreneur in 2017.
  • Avoid the procrastination that working from home can bring
    Do you find yourself watching too much daytime TV? Or perhaps you have a tendency to spend an extra half-hour on your lunch break playing on your games console? Whatever it is, procrastination is a nasty habit to break when working from home. When you’re the driving force behind the future success of your business, procrastination is inexcusable. By working as part of a co-working community you’ll be empowered to make every minute count.
  • Healthier lifestyle
    A healthy body and mind is essential to your overall productivity. Working from home it’s all too easy to snack and graze from your desk, especially when the kitchen is just a few short steps away! Many of our Clubs have on-site cafes which makes it much easier to enjoy a balanced diet and eat the right foods, at the right times.
Brain food and refreshmentsClub Workspace Southwark, Print Rooms


  • The ideal pick-me-up if day-to-day inspiration is lacking
    There’s no two ways about it, spearheading a new start-up business is enough to sap the energy of even the most driven entrepreneur. With co-working, it’s easier to pick up inspiration and perspective from your fellow co-workers who will be on the same emotional rollercoaster ride as you.
  • Co-working spaces are going ‘niche’
    Increasingly, co-working communities now have their own niches and specialisms within them. For instance, members working within a specific sector such as alternative finance or digital marketing may splinter off and work closely together, creating their own powerful hub that offers unparalleled collaboration and innovation.

These are pretty compelling reasons as to why co-working works for so many London entrepreneurs. Why not come and see whether it’s suitable for you too? Club Workspace is running a host of Open Days, allowing you to experience a day as a Club Workspace member. If the idea of working from an exclusive London postcode excites you, make sure you check out our five membership packages available in all 20 Club locations and kick-start your business journey.