If you're starting up a business, you want to keep costs down, particularly if you are a team of one. But sometimes co-working could help you both save and make money.

Here are ten reasons why you should consider coworking.

1. Coworking is a reason to leave the house

If you’re integrating the washing up and household chores into your work routine, it could be a sign you need to get out of the house. Colour coding your bookshelf is not part of a productive day. Turning your living room in to your office is anti-social and pretty bad for keeping any semblance of a work life balance.

2. Coworking means no more cafes

There's nothing worse than feeling bad for opening up your laptop in a cafe even though your latte was outrageously expensive. Buying coffee every hour to stop the guilt is bad for your wallet and even worse for your digestive system.

3. Coworking venues put on business events and seminars

It's tough running your own business. What better way to learn the tricks of the trade than by listening to people who have done it before. Coworking venues often host talks and seminars which are a great way to sharpen up social media skills; find out about new project management tools; and improve your coding.

4. Coworking gives you an opportunity to meet clients

If your business caters to small businesses, working in an environment full of small businesses can be a great way to source new clients. And working in the same space as them makes communication all the more easy and the chances for more work all the greater!

5. Coworking gives you the chance to network

Looking to hire a programmer, or an accountant, or a graphic designer? What better way to find freelancers than to work in a place where freelancers congregate? Coworking venues are a great place to network without the awkwardness of official events. And they also mean you're never wasting time in the corner or the room.

6. Coworking might yield users and testers

If you have a new product, coworking is a great way to find people to test out your product. You have a roomful of people to tell you what they like, what they don't like, what works and what doesn't. And they might even help you fix the bugs or become your evangelists.

7. Coworking provides a place to meet clients

Meeting potential clients and other contacts in cafes or restaurants can be difficult to organise and expensive to do often. When you cowork, you can take advantage of the venues meeting rooms and virtual conference facilities. 

8. Coworking is a chance to improve your social life

When running your own business is taking over your life, your social engagements can suffer. What better way to meet likeminded people than at a coworking space where you can have a beer together after work and never be chided for talking about work!

9. Coworking means support and inspiration

Whether you're a lone trader or the driving force behind a startup, it can sometimes be lonely and, let’s be honest, it can often be difficult to keep your spirits up. Coworker often understand exactly what you're going through: the ups and the downs. And when you get that deal, you can tell your desk partner AND your mum.

10. Coworking provides you with a whole host of facilities

WiFi can often be tricky in cafes and what happens if you want to print something but you've run out of paper? Coworking venues mean that someone's always got the correct plug; hosts can help you with the printers; and you can keep your bike in a safe place.