Through the Workspace partnership with Informed Funding, Workspace customers can access a range of free and exclusive services that will assist with your funding strategy. Here James Hillman, Workspace customer and founder of James Hillman Fashion Consultancy, discusses how Informed Funding helped him find out more about raising finance.

Informed Funding, one of Workspace's key partners, is an online information resource designed to help growing businesses identify the variety of choices they have available to them in terms of business finance. The platform offers a combination of bite-sized factual information and guidance, along with self-service online tools that enable users to hone in on the providers who best match their needs.

If you’d like to learn more about the Informed Funding service and you’re a Workspace customer, you can book a free consultation with their finance experts here.

Finance is often a vital step for a New and Growing Company but it’s important to know exactly what range of options are on offer.

James Hillman Fashion Consultancy is a business based at Cannon Wharf Business Centre. Founder James is an alumnus of Central Saint Martin and worked in Paris and Milan for brands as diverse as Balmain and BCBG.


The consultancy works with ‘lots of different brands and developing them from concept to production,’ says James, ‘specifically on very unique pieces which they can’t do or don’t have any understanding of.’

For example, the company collaborates with specialist trim companies to develop techniques such as embroideries and metal wire hand embroideries.


James explains that it’s quite important to have a studio space to bring clients to in order to discuss ideas: ‘I have everything here in a great place so it’s really easy for my clients to get here.’

In order to take the business to the next stage, James will have to invest in software that will allow him ‘to do more work in a shorter amount of time’ as well as ‘employ another member of staff who’ll be more proactive on the sales side of things.’

Although he was not that keen on taking huge financial risk, James realises he needs a cash injection in order to implement the relatively expensive software.

I do see the positives rather than the negatives of having financial input into my business.

James Hillman



James Hillman is one of the businesses which took advantage of Informed Funding’s one-on-one advice sessions. He’s positive about the experience: ‘And so that was brilliant for me because it’s given me all the options I really need in order to decide which path I go down to grow.’