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Nine ways to keep your office tidy

Nine ways to keep your office tidy

Here are some simple tips to keep your office and mind uncluttered.

Often, keeping your office is the last thing on your mind if you're a busy business owner with a ever increasing to-do list. Here are nine simple tips to stop your office lookng like a hoarder's paradise.

1. It’s the obvious but it’s vital: tidy, chuck, shred, donate. If you haven’t used something in months, it needs to go!

2. Make sure your desk is tidy. Use containers, drawers, magazine boxes. Your desk is your nerve centre so make sure it’s not clogged up.

3. Time to use the Cloud. Start scanning (you can even scan on your phone with various apps) and start filing away in Google Docs or Dropbox… whatever takes your fancy.


4. Have standup meetings. Not only will it save on meeting room space, but it’ll keep everyone alert and keep meetings short.

5. Try white boards and pin boards. They’ll save on paper and filing space.

6. Think vertically - floor to ceiling storage means no space goes to waste.

7. Start thinking about flexible work hours. Is it really vital to have everyone in the office at the same time?

8. Try outside storage - somethings you don’t use but are utterly vital for office wellbeing. Think Christmas decorations.

9. Think about upgrading. Maybe it's just time for a bigger office. Make sure you're based somewhere where upscaling is easy and office space is flexible.

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