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How London’s Small Businesses Are Scaling Up

How London’s Small Businesses Are Scaling Up

On Wednesday 5th July, Workspace hosted another breakfast Discussion on How London’s Small Businesses Are Scaling Up at The Leather Market in London Bridge. The panel of Workspace customers shared their successes and strategies for scaling up, forming new and growing teams and building a company from startup to success.

Hosted by Hannah Prevett, Deputy Editor at The Times’ Enterprise Network, she was joined by Workspace customers; Emily Bendell, Founder & CEO of lingerie brand Bluebella; Luke Byrne, Director of Innovation at plant-based food producer THIS; John Townshend, Founder of creative agency NOW and Satpreet Dhariwal, Senior HR Manager at Workspace. 

We dive into our top three takeaways from the event.




It’s a learning process

The panel agreed that getting through the initial growing pains of scaling up is a learning process. 

“Working for a big company is like taking a ferry – slow and safe; while working for a small company is like taking a rib – quick and exhilarating but you feel the bumps.” say’s John from NOW. 


Find your talent

Finding and attracting the right people is so important, but giving them more opportunities is critical to successfully growing your team. 

“I brought in people who were younger and hungry. They’ll give you everything because of the opportunity you’re giving them. Harness the talent. Bring it in. Spend time.” says Luke at THIS. 

Emily, Founder and CEO of Bluebella agreed too, diving into how Bluebella achieved this in the starting years, especially when recruiting women who were looking for flexibility. 

“We couldn’t compete with the salary levels in the early years, but we offered flexibility around their families. By offering that it allows you to get someone brilliant, it’s good business sense” 



Culture is key

The panel shared that having a personal touch defines the culture of your company. 

“From experience, and my opinion, this is people’s livelihoods that have been invested - so it’s having that personal touch and making sure that you’re there for that person every step of the way” Satpreet said. 

John from NOW agreed, “in a smaller business, especially, it's all about the energy of the people!” 

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