How do I distribute an article online?

How do I distribute an article online?

How do I distribute an article online?

Distributing articles online allows you to gain exposure in your niche, increasing authority and help your website rank higher in major search engines. It’s a widely expanding marketing tool and there are many different article sites to choose from.

What is article distribution?

Article distribution involves using specialist websites to publish authoritative articles about topics in your niche. Online users can then browse your articles, discover relevant information and also go directly through to your website to access your products and services. Article distribution is a two step process that involves writing your article and then publishing it via a range of online channels. Some companies choose to outsource this process.

Benefits of distributing articles online

  • Helps your site establish niche authority
  • Improves search engine rankings by increasing backlinks
  • Extends your online presence and increases the places potential clients can find you
  • Allows users to share more of your content via social media channels and extend your reach

Writing your article

Ensure your article is authoritative and well-written; these articles will act as ambassadors for your site, and users will only push through onto your main site if they are impressed with the initial content in your article. Break the article down with sub-headings and small paragraphs; internet users are time-poor and will scan rather than read material. They need to be able to pick up the gist quickly.

Choosing a distribution site

Article distribution sites are split into those that offer free submissions or paid submissions, with the paid submissions generally resulting in greater search engine benefit and exposure. Some sites exist solely to publish content online whilst others may make articles available to journalists and bloggers that may wish to write about your content. There are even some industry-specific distribution sites that cater to specific niches. A blend of free, paid and industry-specific will generally yield good results.

Sign up and add your article

Create an account with your chosen article distribution sites and begin the process of adding an article; this will normally be signposted clearly. Make sure your title is clear and begins with the most important words. Starting each word with a capital letter has been shown to increase read rates so consider doing so. Make sure all articles means site terms and conditions and formatting guidelines; they may be rejected if they don’t.

Add article by-line

Most article distribution sites allow you to add an article by-line at the bottom, which gives information on both the author and the site they represent. The major benefit of this is allowing you a link back to your original site, which can be massively beneficial depending on the overall authority of the article distribution site. Ensure you use the most appropriate keywords (the words that link back to your site) to maximise the benefit to your SEO campaigns. See our guide to search engine optimisation for more information.

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