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20 top UK based technology blogs

20 top UK based technology blogs

Top UK Based Technology Blogs

No matter what type of business you are building or what industry you’re based in, if it has not already, technology is likely to affect your business at some point or another. As a business owner who is busy focused on running your company, the ever-advancing world of technology and its impact on your business can be a lot to keep up with. We’ve selected some of the UK’s best technology blogs to help you stay one step ahead.

ZD Net

ZD Net is a blog specifically targeted at IT professionals and brings together news, analysis and reviews from across the industry. It is a user friendly blog which contains a number of links to the individual blogs of members of its editorial team.


Less a blog, more a way of life, Wired has been chronicling the impact of science and technology on society and culture since the early 1990s. It has broken some of the biggest tech stories of the internet era, and combines the latest news with ‘long reads’ on science, tech, business, culture and gadgets.


Econsultancy is an online community for digital marketing and ecommerce professionals to discuss strategy and share ideas. Articles on Econsultancy are regularly updated with news and commentary from the world of digital marketing.

Gadget Master

The Gadget Master blog sits on the site of Electronics Weekly, the UK’s leading trade site for the electronic components industry. There are new posts every few days from the EW team on the very latest news in hardware, software, single board computing, robotics and digital.

Fasthosts blog

The Fasthosts blog focuses on providing information and advice to industry professionals covering everything from cloud computing to digital marketing. The site is visually attractive with images accompanying, detailed posts from guest writers and contains plenty of links to news stories displayed on other blogs.

Expert Reviews

One of the most popular tech websites in the world, Expert Reviews provides the most comprehensive reviews of new technology products that you will find: mobile phones, TVs, broadband, headphones, laptops, white goods and much more.


Tubblog is maintained by Richard Tubb, the Microsoft Small Business Specialist Partner Area Lead for FY12 and independent business consultant. His blog offers opinion, news and information for IT companies.


The DefineTomorrow.co.uk blog is the knowledge sharing site and events of ComputerWorld. Here you will find articles covering thoughts and discoveries on all kinds of technology, software and platforms, including Microsoft 365, Azure, Virtualisation, Enterprise data and much more.


SheCanCode is a social enterprise that provides a free, online community designed to encourage and support women looking to pursue a career in tech. SheCanCode also advocates that companies help increase diversity across their tech workforce through using its platform. In addition to this, the site is home to an impressive selection of articles about the world of technology and diversity which include inspiring stories and expert opinion.


CNET UK and provides all the latest news and advice on gadgets, tech, movies, science and culture, as well as product reviews and ‘how to guides’.

Sage blog

Sage develops software for the UK market that helps businesses to better manage their finances, staff, customers and suppliers. The Sage blog provides advice from experts within the company regarding how technology can help to refine existing business processes and drive efficiencies.

Mighty Gadget

The Mighty Gadget blog contains posts regarding the latest technology news and reviews relating specifically to the UK. Posts are separated by sections, making the blog easy to navigate.

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