After working from home for the last few months, many living rooms have started to feel more like work than home. Is it time for a change?

In the past, moving to a dedicated office from working at home was a significant step in the development of your business and enormously exciting. Recent times have seen us all working in new ways and, for many, that includes turning our homes into office spaces. No doubt many of us are tired of work paraphernalia dominating our living rooms.

On the other hand, many people worry that it represents a significant long-term financial commitment which places their fledgling company at considerable risk. In this piece we will take a look at the benefits of reclaiming your living room and heading back to the office, exploring the flexible and affordable options that are available to businesses of all shapes and sizes.


Is working from home still working?

If you have been working from home for some time, you’ll notice that it isn’t a long-term option. Of the numerous benefits of office-life, collaboration with our colleagues is something many of us are missing. Sharing ideas and being in the same physical space to create together is vital for business development. Finding space, holding meetings without distraction—these things can become difficult at home. If being at home is no longer an option, it’s time to get a professional space lined up.

The most important first step is research. For example, what are your priorities with respect to budget, location, company branding, and number of staff? The answers will be different for every company and lead to different solutions, of which there are many. Traditional long leases are certainly an option but now they come with a risk where you can’t get out of them if circumstances change. Now, you’re better off considering a more flexible contract that you’re not tied into for years and that enables you to change location or size without changing contract.

There is a huge variety and volume of office solutions now available to suit all budgets and requirements. This volume of choice should make the decision to move out of your living room feel less like a leap of faith and more like a measured step-change.

The key is to find the best office solution which mitigates against the risk and adds value to your business. It can certainly be daunting, but the benefits will be significant.


How safe is the office?

As the rules on social distancing measures post-lockdown change and develop in the UK, it is vital you stay safe. Always check the Government advice on COVID-19 and see our latest Official Resources. At Workspace, we have new safety measures in place to help you feel safe as you return to work.

Returning to the office may seem daunting initially, but measures are in place to keep staff as safe as possible. From one-way systems and distancing signage, to hand sanitisation stations, health is a priority. What’s more, you may find that returning to a dedicated desk improves your mental health, as socialising with colleagues and a change of scenery can feel particularly fulfilling after all that time spent at home.

Want more flexibility?

If you have been struggling to make your home office work, branching out to an office might be the answer, with far more options and flexibility for your working day. Commercial facilities are specifically designed for holding meetings and entertaining clients, providing impressive space at cost-effective prices. We know a thing or two about some of the best spaces in London with over 60 Workspace locations across the city to choose from.

Even if you just need an upgrade from home for important meetings and projects, Workspace meeting rooms are flexible and available across the city of London, giving you ample, professional space and the very best in technology.

All contracts have 6-month rolling breaks as standard, with the ability to scale up, scale down or move as your circumstances change without changing provider.


Reclaim your living room with Workspace

Client safety is a priority for us, and we appreciate spending more time in the office might seem daunting, so we have plenty of guidance online on how we are managing health and safety.

New to Workspace? We offer flexible spaces near you so you can continue to do business. Our buildings are spacious and have plenty of comfy breakout areas too. Come and explore locations near you across over 60 properties across London.

Looking for temporary space? Whether you need space for one month, six months or anywhere in between, our flexible terms and one-fixed monthly cost make this hassle-free. Take a look at our Team Rooms for your next flexible solution.