Personal information use

What does Workspace do with my personal information?
Personal information use
What does Workspace do with my personal information?

We use your information to make our Services available and to personalise your experience with us for example, managing your Workspace account, improving our website or mobile application or contacting or interacting with you. 

We may use your personal information in the following ways:

  1. to ensure that content from our website or mobile applications are presented in the most effective manner for you and for your computer or device;
  2. to contact you where you have made an enquiry for a rental space or submitted a job application;
  3. to decide whether to enter into a transaction with you;
  4. to analyse it in order to better understand your service and marketing requirements or the services you are proposing to supply to us;
  5. to analyse it to develop our products, services and systems and to understand our customers’ requirements;
  6. to monitor calls and transactions to ensure service quality, compliance with procedures and to combat fraud;
  7. to carry out our obligations arising from any contracts entered between you and us and to recover any payments due to us and to make payments to you;
  8. to allow you to participate in interactive features of our service e.g. Workspace Account Directory or My Account, , and to access the features of our mobile application, when you choose to do so;
  9. if you use our internet connection, networks, telecommunications systems or information processing or print systems, we may monitor your activity and any files or messages on those systems at any time in accordance with applicable law, for purposes of investigation or to ensure compliance with Workspace policies; and
  10. to notify you about changes to our service.

We take your privacy very seriously. We will use your personal information, such as your name and contact details, for business communications with you relating to your use of our Services, to conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys which help us to improve our Services, to manage your use of Workspace Account Directory and V-greet (the digital directory system at some of our Centres) which both help you access and make full use of our Services, to provide security for you, your property and our buildings through our building security, incident response, access controls and our use of CCTV and call recordings. We consider that it is in our legitimate business interest to process your personal data for these purposes. We are not required to seek your consent to undertake business communications with you under the e-marketing regime as they are not promotional in nature. Click on the following links for more information:

  • Business communications

    We will use your personal information, such as your name and contact details, for business communications to: 

    • administer your account and to provide our Services to fulfil any contractual relationship between you and us; 
    • send you service related email announcements when it is necessary to do so. For instance, if there is a security or maintenance issue with one of our Centres or buildings or if the WIFI or access control system is suspended for maintenance, we might send you an email, push notification or text; 
    • respond to a request you make for information on our Services which we receive through our enquiry or a call from you, or you attend any of our premises; and
    • provide you with broadband and telephony services through Excell, our tied third-party digital service provided, if you take a unit in our Centres or buildings.  
  • Market research

    We carry out market research to survey opinions and obtain feedback on our Services and our marketing approaches with a view to making improvements to our Services. The information we hold for market research purposes is restricted to name and contact details, such as landline or mobile numbers and email address (either provided directly by respondents or their employers), tenancy location and the opinions expressed directly by the respondents to the market research survey.  Conducting market research is in the legitimate business interests of the organisation as it will help to improve our Services.  You always have a choice about whether to take part in our market research and not taking part does not affect your use of our Services.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys

    We carry out customer satisfaction surveys to help us continually improve our services and ensure that customer requirements are being met. These record individuals’ personal opinions and may identify areas requiring improvement. The personal data is obtained directly from the customers who complete the surveys. We prefer to know who is raising issues so that we can follow them up with individual customers and there is no prejudicial outcome from participating in the surveys. The surveys are carried out in our legitimate business interests in finding out how to maintain and improve our customers’ experience.  

    The personal data we hold regarding customer satisfaction surveys comprises names and work contact details such as landline or mobile numbers and work email address, tenancy location, opinions, and computer IP address. We use the hosting services of Microsoft and Resonate Solutions to administer the surveys. We have put in place measures to ensure the safe transfer of any personal data to Microsoft and Resonate Solutions.

  • Building security, incident response and access controls

    We use different systems to maintain the integrity of our buildings and the offices within them. Computer-based access control systems are in use throughout our buildings, including out of hours access controls. The systems store information which may be personal data in some cases including CCTV images which may reveal health data or give rise to allegations of criminal offences. The details of incidents are kept separately by Workspace Head of Security. We hold personal data for customers such as name and contact details (landline or mobile number and email address) name of employing company, Directors’ names, home addresses (in some cases), contact landline or mobile numbers, email addresses, access fob numbers, and finger-print coordinates for the biometric-based entry systems.  

    Individuals are required to create a profile to enable them to use the biometric entry system (see below). Supplying personal data is voluntary but required to utilise the biometric entry system for out of hours access to our buildings. The biometric entry system:

    • does not store an image of the finger print but a 2D point to point drawing where the finger print cannot be re-created
    • stores the collected biometric data locally on each door access system
    • operates only on external doors to give users out of hours access. All our internal doors use our standard fob for access.

    If you do not sign up to the biometric entry system, you will need to use a pre-provided concierge password for out of hours access to the relevant buildings.

    If you use our mobile application for building access, you will be required to download the app and create an account. As part of account creation we will, through our third party service provider SmartSpaces, collect your name, address, email address and phone number. When you access buildings, units or meeting rooms using the app, we will collect a record of your date, time and place of access. 

    When an incident is reported, we keep a record of the incident and the people involved.  When out of hours risks are reported, our security teams will record details relevant to the risk alert.  We hold this information in our legitimate business interests in securing our buildings, managing incidents and providing out of hours cover for emergencies and to meet our legal obligations to individual users of our Services to whom we owe a duty of care as a landlord and property owner. Information is collected directly from each individual user of our Services.

    To help us provide this level of building security and incident management we use third-party service providers as well as the Workspace on-site teams.  We use security guards, alarm systems and incident response facilities provided by our security services providers.  Access control utilises systems which store personal data relating to access fobs locally.  We may disclose any of the personal data we hold to the Police and Trading Standards.

    Information in our building access control systems is held for the duration of the lease for customers although incident reports are kept indefinitely.

  • Use of Workspace Account Directory and V-greet
    Where you upload your information onto your profile page on Workspace Account Directory, all such information will be visible to other users of Workspace Account Directory who may contact you via the contact details you provide on your profile page. Therefore, please do not upload any information that you do not want viewed by other users. Workspace is not responsible for the use of that information by other users. We also use V-greet, the digital directory system at some of our centres which enables visitors and couriers to contact your rental unit directly, as well as allowing prospects and customers to see what businesses are based in the building.
  • CCTV
    We have CCTV installed in our Centres and other buildings which we use to keep employees, customers, visitors and their property safe and secure, to prevent any type of misconduct, to ensure – and record – that health and safety procedures are being followed, and to improve our Services and analyse how our Centres and locations are being accessed and used and it is in our legitimate business interest to do this.  CCTV recordings may be accessed by Workspace personnel and shared with relevant authorities in accordance with our internal procedures and applicable laws. CCTV images are held for thirty days before they are overwritten unless there is an incident requiring further investigation when they are held for as long as necessary subject to restricted access.
  • Call recordings
    We record enquiry calls about our Services, including availability of office space or meeting rooms in our buildings and partner services.  Calls relating to marketing enquiries are recorded in our legitimate business interests to allow the prospective customer to leave a message and enable us to respond appropriately.  Call records are also evidence of the contract for meeting room bookings.  We use all recorded calls for quality control purposes which is in our legitimate business interest.

    We record calls when customers report problems with a Workspace building out of hours and as an overflow facility during the daytime.  This is in our legitimate business interests as it enables staff to follow up issues reported by customers in a timely way.

    The call records include voices and conversations on a variety of issues.  We ask callers to provide their contact details so that we can follow up on calls and enquiries.  Details collected include the name of the caller, their contact landline or mobile numbers and an email address.  The recorded calls are hosted in telephone systems provided by business call recording services providers.  The information derived from the recorded calls is shared with our security services providers who will respond to out of hours incidents on our behalf which is in our legitimate business interest to maintain the quality and level of support we provide to our customers.  Information in these records come directly from individuals when they phone us. We will hold this information for approximately three months and no more than six months.
  • Facial detection
    We have advertising screens in our premises which use a camera sensor in order that we can measure how interested peoples are in the advertising shown on them. The cameras are able to detect faces within their view and estimate footfall, how many people have looked at the screen and for how long and estimate gender and age range. This is performed in an anonymous way. Images are only held for micro-seconds and the images are not retained. No identifying information is collected or stored.
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