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Bankside area guide

The Bankside area is one of the most popular in London, especially amongst tourists. With close proximity to Southwark and Westminster, it's an ideal location for any business looking to prosper in the city. In recent months, it has become even more appealing to businesses due to its status as a Business Improvement District under the name of Better Bankside.

The South Bank offers excellent direct links to the north of the city through the various Thames Bridges. Public transport links from the area are also very good, with Waterloo Station within easy reach offering direct tube and overground links to the rest of London. Blackfriars overground station has also been re-developed as part of the Thameslink improvements. London Bridge and Southwark stations are nearby too.

With its sheer popularity as a tourist area, Bankside is a great place to be based for both B2C companies and B2B companies that market their services at B2C firms. Of course, the range of facilities also means that Bankside is a great place in which to work, giving your business the chance to attract the very best talent.

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What companies does it suit?

The Bankside area will suit almost any business. The outstanding footfall in the area means that any company relying on the public for custom will be virtually guaranteed business throughout the year. 

For B2B companies, the potential for obtaining business is obviously just as substantial, especially if - as mentioned above - their business is focused on B2C clients. For pure B2B companies, meanwhile, there is just as much opportunity to explore in Southwark as well as Bankside itself.

Across the river, meanwhile, is the borough of Westminster, another extremely prosperous area that's ideal for networking. And, like Bankside itself, Westminster attracts a large amount of tourist footfall.

"The Queen's Walk Waterfront, Bankside, London" by Peter Trimming is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Bankside offers outstanding transport links to the rest of London and the UK. There are a number of overground and underground stations serving the region, and via the Thames Bridge, it’s easy to reach the other side of the river by car.  Close stations include:

London Bridge

Because it's such a popular tourist location, it’s no surprise to find out that Bankside is absolutely chockful of great restaurants, cafes and bars. These are some of our favourites:

Albion is a good old-school British cafe - classic fry-ups, beans on toast, builder's tea...you get the idea. If you need some early-morning fuel, then you'll definitely love Albion. More of a fish fan? Try Applebees Fish Cafe, it routinely serves up delicious seasonal dishes. 

Looking more for somewhere to relax at the end of the day? Bar Blue is definitely worth visiting, simply because of how impressive their range of cocktails is! There's also some delicious nibbles on the menu, which is ideal if you’re peckish.

More into football and beer than wine? Well, you'll love Belushi's, a classic sports bar, which always has the biggest games on. And what better way to enjoy the game than when accompanied by a plateful of sausage and mash, straight from the bar?

Sometimes, of course, nothing less than a good cup of coffee will do. In those situations, head to canteenM. This 24/7 pit stop serves great coffee as well as a host of tasty pastries. They also do a fine line in full on English-feasts, for those days when you're feeling really hungry.

If you're in the mood for something healthier, then consider heading to Crussh, which serves up a range of freshly made and tasty pressed juices and smoothies. They also sell a host of other healthy treats, including soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps. Everything is natural and organic, so you can be sure that pretty much everything on the menu is good for you!

The Tate Modern

It’s hard not to recommend the Tate Modern, which has continually been one of Britain’s most popular galleries since it first opened at the turn of the Millennium.

The Globe Theatre

One of London’s cultural highpoints, the Globe is an absolute must visit for anyone who loves the theatre.