Promoted Tweets are a great way of getting the word out about your business but here are three things your marketing manager should really think about before allocating budget.

Promoted Tweets can be a great way of getting the name of your business out there or encouraging your followers to do something. It's always sensible to test your Tweets out organically before putting any money behind them.

But before any marketing manager puts aside some of the precious budget for this and thinks about when they should use promotional Tweets, it's imperative they consider these factors.

1. Make sure there's a Call To Action.

Make sure you time your Tweets with a suitable CTA. Have you got a new piece of content you'd like people to read, or a special white paper? Do you have a new product launch?

There's no point in spending precious money when you don't have a specific thing you want people to do and a KPI to measure.

2. Make sure you target your Tweets appropriately

There's no point in sending a Tweet about a British event to a poor Tweeter in France.  Even if they do understand it, they probably won't be able to get there. And what's the point in sending football-related Tweets to people interested in beauty or yoga and who don't follow any football teams?

Market to peeople who've already shown an interest in what your Tweeting about or what you're selling.

3. Time it with an event

People love to get on Twitter at events and share thoughts, opinions and jokes with people who are watching the same thing, doing the same thing, or thinking about the same thing. Jump on a hashtag and get involved in a conversation that thousands of people are already involved in. 

If you can make sure that your product or message matches the event, even better. If you're a T-shirt brand with a stall at the event, send out a promoted Tweet encouraging people to visit your stall for a discount.

Think canny and you'll be able to make your money go far.

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