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#WBIDinnerSustainability & Business - A deep-dive into how business leaders can address the impact of climate change

The annual Trust Barometer report by PR firm Edelman shows that, globally, the public looks to business leaders more than the government, NGOs or media as its most trusted pillar. Two thirds of those surveyed look to company leaders to speak up directly on the pressing issues facing society and to support topics that matter to communities. This #WBIDinner brought together leading sustainability and climate risk experts from businesses who are doing it well, to share their insights to arm the Workspace community with crucial insight and practical climate risk next steps.

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#WBIDinner Innovate your CX in the age of the customer

Workspace hosted a Business Insight Breakfast at Fleet Street to show how businesses can become even more customer-centric with tips from experts from innovative brands including Formula 1, Tide, Revolut and Bloom & Wild

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#WBIDinnerCracking the failure taboo

Failure can take many forms, poor choice of a co-founder, poorly conceived business models, bad product-market fit or founders buckling under the demands of running a business. How business leaders adapt to failure, tackle opportunities that failure presents and internalise the power of vulnerability and failure are critical to the success of your entire business ecosystem – your investors, co-founders’, team and ultimately your customers.

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#WBIDinnerGoing Places: How the latest tech investment in London's transport system can put your business on the world stage

As London’s business leaders look to the next 30 years and as urbanisation continues to shape experiences worldwide, we take the time to ask what opportunities does focused tech investment, particularly in transport, present for business leaders and cities alike?

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#WBIDinnerInvestment and Algorithms: Tackling Diversity and Bias Challenges in Business

Workspace hosted a Business Insight Dinner at The Record Hall in Hatton Garden bringing together leading authorities on a mission to build fairer algorithm-led decisions and investor landscapes for an evening of thought-provoking discussion that had deep relevance to leaders of all types of businesses.

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#WBIBreakfastGot Talent Building a Game-Changing Talent Strategy

Money makes the world go round, but it takes more than money to make us feel complete. TED speaker Dan Pink opened our eyes a decade ago with his novel Drive’s biggest takeaway: the key to motivating people at work isn’t money. The real secret lies in giving people autonomy, mastery and purpose. Money is one important component in a salary package, but the rest can make the difference between a business hiring an A-team or a Z-team.

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#WBIDinnerGlocalisation - Thinking global but acting local

In today's globalised world, successful multinational businesses think global but act local. Business leaders explain why you should 'go glocal' and share their top tips.

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#WBIDinnerA Fashion Revolution: The Future of the Industry and your wardrobe

The glitz and glamour of Fashion Week is over for another year, but behind the empty catwalks and silent frows is a burning question that won't go away: how can the fashion industry clean up its act? Workspace asked the difficult questions at an expert panel discussion at its latest Workspace Business Insight event, A Fashion Revolution: The Future of the Industry and your wardrobe, held at China Works in Vauxhall.

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#WBIBreakfastA Sense of Purpose

What is your brand’s purpose? This is probably the single most important question that will shape your company’s future success. However, it’s not always straight-forward. According to Ben Renshaw, Purpose is an aspirational reason for being. It’s a deep conviction about what is most important…

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#WBIDinner Silence is a Tax on Truth: In the era of ‘fake news’ and an erosion of trust, how should businesses lead?

All our panellists represent the kind of innovation required to start building trust between business and consumers; they are agents of change. As companies are switching on to making positive moves in the world, they are leading the way.

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#WBIDinner Rise of the Bots – How AI is shaping the future of business

As a growing phenomenon, an evening of discussion and Q&A with experts on the subject ‘rise of the bots’ couldn’t be more timely. Businesses are using AI and automation to solve problems and create new products and services, but how can others prepare to do the same?

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#WBIBreakfast Design Thinking: Strategic Creativity at Work

“Good design is good business” is a phrase coined by Thomas John Watson Jr., Chairman and CEO of IBM from 1952—1971, but more recently you may have heard about the importance of ‘strategic design thinking’ or ‘building a design thinking business culture. What do those statements mean exactly? And how can you use design thinking in your business or daily working life? Our latest WBI Breakfast covered those questions and more.

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#WBIDinnerBrand Psychology and Neuroscience

Why is it that we trust some brands more than others? And why do we even use the word trust to describe our relationship with a brand? So much of our attachment to a company, product or brand is about emotional ties —yet few organisations really consider the way our minds respond to the messages they transmit as we interact with them or buy products. Enter neuroscience and brand psychology.

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#WBIDinnerIt’s Not Just Profits

Communities take many different forms, but they can all be powerful: they create environments where people feel good about sharing, making things happen, influencing and promoting change - all together. It’s no surprise that successful businesses recognise the importance of the communities they work within and look to invest in those communities, often without any direct commercial benefit.

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#WBIDinnerWellness at Work

So how do organisations really help their employees achieve that illusive work/life blend? With more and more businesses making a conscious and determined effort to improve the office environment to benefit and nurture employees’ general health, the topics of mental health and wellness are on almost everyone’s agenda.

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#WBIDinnerFeeding your Business Collaboration, Innovation and Creativity

As changes transform London and other cities of the future, disrupting working practices and culture. Westbourne Studios hosted our #WBIDinner as we interrogated whether digitally demanding and disruptive businesses were ready to drive the future.

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#WBIBreakfastThe Value of Business

At our first ever Workspace Business Insight Breakfast event we drew on a successful business case study that encouraged our customers to think about their own businesses – just how are they going about creating value?

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#WBIDinnerBusiness Insights: Profiting from Innovation

At our Spring Workspace Business Insight Event, we get the chance to hear from all types of businesses that are great at innovation AND great at understanding what customers actually want.

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