60 Gray's Inn Road

60 Gray's Inn Road, WC1X 8AQ

60 Gray’s Inn Road is a recently refurbished business centre offering modern and stylish office and studio space in Holborn. With an open plan reception area and three high spec meeting rooms, you'll find everything you need to help your business thrive.

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Available spaces

Office - GI.1.05
259 sq ft (24 sq m)£1,188 p/m
Studio - GI.2.02
295 sq ft (27 sq m)£1,345 p/m
Studio - GI.1.04
536 sq ft (50 sq m)£2,446 p/m
Office - GI.2.08
935 sq ft (87 sq m)£4,030 p/m

Situated in the centre of Hatton Garden just a 10-minute stroll from Farringdon Station and within easy reach of King's Cross, The Record Hall is the latest of our exciting redevelopments offering a range of office, studio and jewellery workshop space. Our stylish interiors feature an industrial twist, with spaces spread over six floors, wrapping round an internal full-height lightwell.

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Available spaces

Studio - RH.316
174 sq ft (16 sq m)£1,000 p/m
Jewellers - RH.105
451 sq ft (42 sq m)£2,222 p/m
Studio - RH.205
458 sq ft (43 sq m)£2,251 p/m
Studio - RH.206
503 sq ft (47 sq m)£2,468 p/m
Studio - RH.115
512 sq ft (48 sq m)£2,518 p/m
Studio - RH.G06
580 sq ft (54 sq m)£2,844 p/m
Studio - RH.102
653 sq ft (61 sq m)£3,208 p/m
Jewellers - RH.G03
679 sq ft (63 sq m)£3,328 p/m
Studio - RH.220
1064 sq ft (99 sq m)£5,673 p/m
Studio - RH.219
1514 sq ft (141 sq m)£7,980 p/m
Studio - RH.G08
2143 sq ft (199 sq m)£9,977 p/m
Studio - RH.501
3655 sq ft (340 sq m)£22,366 p/m

Healthy influx of talent from UCL

Holborn is a Central London hotspot that attracts a lot of tourists all year-round. The capital is your oyster as numerous tube stations are nearby on numerous lines. There’s also a healthy influx of talent from UCL to the north of this location.

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