The advantages of being Wired Differently

Workspace customers are #WiredDifferently. They have an attitude that the space between your walls is as important as the space between your ears – that your workspace is an important asset of your business. Many of our valued customers have taken the time out of their busy schedules to appear in our new advertising campaign, The Workspace Advantage,  to explain why Workspace helps  successful businesses to make their mark in the capital.

We're by no means just a commercial property provider. We’re a community of start-ups, entrepreneurs, growing and established companies that share the same ambition and desire to make their mark in the capital – and we’re here to help it happen.

London’s most diverse business community

With 4 million sq ft of business space across London, we’re home to the most unique community of businesses in the capital. From accountants and lawyers to fashion designers and trampoline parks, all our customers share the same thirst for business success. It’s this appetite that creates the character and personality behind the Workspace brand.

We are much happier coming into work here. It’s a positive space, people are quite relaxed. They get out and about from their office; people aren’t shy talking about what they do which is great from a networking perspective.

Nisita Lingegowda, Blue Bridge Solutions, based at Metal Box Factory

Nisita Lingegowda, Blue Bridge Solutions appears in our Wired Differently advert

    Brimming with individuals that like to break boundaries

What’s also unique about the Workspace community is that our customers don’t settle for second best; they continually strive for improvement and seek to push boundaries, creating new benchmarks for success. We’re proud that our innovative business centres have helped to harness that creative spirit and empower our customers to tackle challenges head-on.

New-found levels of collaboration

Our co-working environments and business centre break-out spaces are designed to stimulate minds and discover new ways of prospering through trading with and supporting one another. Our Club Workspace members see collaboration as a beneficial norm, not an inconvenience; getting great value out of working alongside fellow start-ups and entrepreneurs and sharing experiences and knowledge along the same business growth path.

Tech solutionsWorkspace are continually investing in the best Tech


   Tech that’s tuned into today’s way of working

The way entrepreneurs and businesses work is changing. That’s why we continually invest heavily in providing a tech infrastructure that’s wired differently to enable our customers to think and move fast. From super-fast, reliable fibre optic 10Gbps broadband, with unlimited data usage, to building-wide managed Wi-Fi on our Dot11 network, we provide the best tech to give your business the edge. We’re developing our tech capabilities in line with WiredScore Certification standards – a genuine trust mark for digital connectivity. We’re setting the Gold WiredScore rating as a benchmark for connectivity throughout most of our business centres. However, Metal Box Factory is one of only 22 London commercial properties to have achieved the Wired Certified Platinum rating alongside notable buildings such as The Shard and Broadcast House.

The technology here is great compared to our previous offices – there’s opportunity to connect and plugin everywhere. The meeting rooms have screens so we can do professional presentations and take our clients through everything.

We don’t have to work on pieces of paper anymore.

Julia Janosa, Jigsaw Interior Architecture, based at Kennington Park

L-R Ryan Hyde-Smith, Funding Options, Jasmine Kubski, Hopscotch Consulting and Ilyas Parker, Blue Bridgeall took part in our
Wired Differently

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