Meet the Neighbours

Our customers are an impressive bunch; from architects to florists, lingerie designers to app developers - whatever your field, you're sure to find your people in our Workspaces.

Meet the NeighboursThirdEye @ East London Works

Raz Ghafoor, Co-founder of ThirdEye, a real-time CCTV powered AI assistants to help businesses in real time of situations including queues, theft and stock-outs, based at East London Works on Whitechapel Road. He tells us about how the business started and its progression through different stages.

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Meet the NeighboursPan 'n' Ice @ Canalot Studios

Rob and Henry, founders of Pan 'n' Ice, based at Canalot Studios in Ladbroke Grove. We talk to them about how they stumbled across a mind-boggling new way to serve ice cream.

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Meet the NeighboursSay Fromage @ Fuel Tank

Oliver Reed of Say Fromage, a digital and interactive company that provide printable and shareable photographic experiences, based at Fuel Tank. Oliver tells us how the business has come a long way since it's humble beginnings.



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Meet the NeighboursNamed Models @ E1 Studios

Kimberley Langstone and Lydia Pendred founded Named Models, a modelling agency based at E1 Studios on Whitechapel High Street. They tell us about how they set up their business and working for ASOS, Kenzo, Burberry, and Vivienne Westwood.

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Meet the NeighboursPact Coffee @ The Biscuit Factory

Stephen Rapoport, of coffee subscription company Pact, tells us the easiest way to improve your staff's quality of life, and why he rings his customers every day.

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Meet the NeighboursBluebella @ The Light Box

Lingerie brand Bluebella's Emily Bendell talks to us about the design process, intellectual property, and growth and strategy.

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