When searching for business space there are three basic things you must consider; what type and size of space you need and where you would like your business premises to be located. We can't tell you where best to base your business, but we can guide you as to the type and size of space which may suit you best.

What size space do I need?

Space for Size in sq ft/ m Think…
2 people 200 sq ft (19 sq m) Single garage
6 people 600 sq ft (56 sq m) Badminton court
10 people 1,000 sq ft (93 sq m)  Football pitch 6 yard box
12-15 people 1,400 sq ft (130 sq m)  Half a tennis court


What type of space do I need?

  • Serviced Office

    servicedoffice.pngFully fitted space. This space includes furniture, telephone and data packages, cleaning, rates. Suited to any professional service, but in particular those businesses which want to start work immediately upon moving in.


  • Office

    office-(1).pngThe more conventional four walled space. Suitable for any profession, service or administrative based business.


  • Studio

    studio.pngCreative space in either a formal office environment or more artistic niche business centre. Graphic designers, architects, recording studios, photographers, media, marketing, PR and consultants.


  • Workshop

    workshop.pngA cross between studio space and light industrial space, it is space for more "hands on" work, but on a smaller scale than light industrial space. Artists, carpentry, computer repairs, dress making, photography.


  • Light Industrial

    lightindustrial-(2).pngTypically very large units with high ceilings and roller shutter doors, suitable for housing light machinery and equipment. Engineering, distribution, storage and warehousing.