The COVID pandemic has really helped to highlight the business benefit activating your business’ sustainability aspirationss of operating in a sustainable and resilient way. It has also led to a surge in consumer and public interest in all sustainability topics, in particular the social aspects. This talk shared ideas and examples of how you can use the UN SDGs to a) decide which sustainability aspects are the most important to you and b) galvanize action on sustainability to demonstrate to staff, customers and investors.

Workspace were delighted to present this webinar with Chris Shaw and Andy Marsh from Anthesis - the 'Sustainability Activator' – who focused on how a business of any size can use the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to frame their sustainability aspirations.

Chris is a Senior Sustainability Consultant at Anthesis, specialising in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy for asset managers and private equity investors.

Andy Marsh is Principal Consultant at Anthesis, with extensive experience in developing and implementing sustainability programmes for businesses. Andy also works closely with Workspace to coordinate the London Leathermarket Environment Group, which aims to help Workspace tenants to reduce their environmental impacts through education and campaigns.

Workspace's own Karen Jamison and Stacey-Ann Medar also joined the discussion. Karen Jamison is Head of Sustainability at Workspace. She has been at Workspace for 4 years and has been working in sustainability for 8 years. Her main focus this year is on Workspace’s pathway to net zero carbon. Stacey-Ann Medar is the Energy and Sustainability Manager who joined Workspace in December 2019 having worked in the sustainability field across various industries for twelve years. Her main focus over the next few months will be reviewing and mapping the UN SDG Goals.