Did you know that the energy wasted in London office buildings every year would power 65,000 homes? 

To help all of us do our bit for the planet, we’re launching the Workspace Big Energy Race to encourage everyone to save energy together.

The good thing is that saving energy in offices should not require much effort. It’s mainly about switching stuff off when it’s not in use, such as turning off the lights and your heating when you leave, or taking the stairs instead of the lift -  these are the things you may not even notice, and will help build good energy saving habits.


The Workspace building in each of the four corners of London and South-East England that beats its energy-saving target by the biggest margin will win a sustainable summer festival, featuring some of our most Earth-friendly customers, with food, drink, music and more.

What's more, if every Workspace building meets their energy saving target during the competition, we’ll collectively save the energy equivalent of one of the below...


We’re fully committed to sustainability within Workspace, and we’ve nailed our colours to the mast with a pledge to reach net zero as a company by 2030. 

The Big Energy Race is a part of this, but we’re doing so much more, such as upgrading to energy-efficient windows, installing solar panels and switching to movement-sensor lighting.

Throughout February we're encouraging all Workspace customers to consider their energy usage and save it wherever possible, mainly by switching stuff off when it’s not in use.

Sonal Jain Headshot - Sustainability

Workspace is committed to achieving a net zero carbon footprint by 2030, and cutting our energy use across our sites is fundamental to this goal. We’re doing a lot behind the scenes, but we need your help.

Head of Sustainability, Sonal Jain


Want to start your sustainability journey or need some inspiration to keep momentum with achieving your green goals? 

Meet Workspace customer Future Plus based at The Metal Box Factory. They help transform businesses to a more sustainable future in a meaningful and accessible way. 

We've teamed up with them to bring you a series of Energy Saving Masterclasses - test your energy knowledge, unearth surprising statistics and facts about daily energy consumption, and gain practical tips and tricks on how to reduce energy consumption in the workplace in this interactive masterclass.

The event will also give you a chance to meet other businesses in your building whose core values and interests focus on sustainability.

Spaces are limited, book yours using the button to the right. 

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