Personal information sharing

Will Workspace share my personal information with anyone else?
Personal information sharing
Will Workspace share my personal information with anyone else?

We can’t run our business or provide many of the services and benefits you receive from us without involving other people and organisations from time to time, within the boundary of our legal data protection and privacy obligations.

We are committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information and to complying with all data protection laws. Whether you supply your personal information online, by email or in a letter, by phone or text, we will never use or share it without a lawful reason to do so. 

We will never sell your personal information. We may disclose and share your personal information with:

  • Companies, brands and businesses within our group

For example, we’ll share information from our tenancy or Meeting Rooms bookings with other areas of the business. This is because we hope to have a relationship with you across all our Services, and there may be other services of interest to our customers, if not now, then sometime in the future. We want to be able to provide you with the same high-quality experience whenever you use any of our Services. For new employees or individuals who provide services to us, we may share your information to introduce you to the business to better help you perform your role or deliver your services.

  • Service Providers who help us

Service providers help us provide our website, mobile applications, in-Centre telephone and broadband networks, Centre security and related services to you. They include information technology experts who design and host our websites and applications and payment services companies that make it easy for you to use your credit or payment cards with us. Other examples include market research companies, third parties who help us with marketing and advertising, design and PR organisations and general service companies such as printers, service desk support or organisations that help deliver employment related benefits.

  • Our insurers and insurance brokers

Our insurers provide us with comprehensive cover against the risks of running a business as big as ours and to protect our customers, employees and other users when they are in our locations. They may keep this information for ongoing risk assessment and insurance broking and underwriting services in accordance with their respective privacy policies and business procedures.

  • Credit reference agencies, who supply anti-fraud and credit-insight information to us.
  • Central and local government departments such as the Driver Vehicle Licence Agency (DVLA) and local authorities who run the UK electoral rolls.
  • Banks and finance companies that also provide anti-fraud services. Where anti-fraud is concerned, the organisations concerned may hold your information on file for future anti-fraud-prevention purposes.
  • Other third-party suppliers with your consent

We may ask you to consent by ‘opting in’ to allow us to share personal information about you with third parties, for example, our preferred cleaning or design services providers, so that you can receive from them, special offers, promotional materials, and other marketing materials that may be of interest to you.

Social media companies such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, and our advertising partners to enable us to run targeted promotions for you on their platforms.

  • Other third parties at your organisation’s direction

In addition to the disclosures described in this Privacy Policy, we may share information about you with third parties when your organisation requests such sharing. For example, we may partner with third parties to make products or services available to individual members or participating organisations. If you or your organisation requests to participate, we may share your information with the relevant third-party about the requested product or service, for example, in-Centre networking events.

  • Any new business partners we may have over time, for example, in the event of a joint venture, reorganisation, business merger or sale that affects us.
  • Our professional advisers including our lawyers and technology consultants when they need it to give us their professional advice.
  • Enforcement agents, who provide debt collection services to us.
  • The Police, local authorities, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), the courts and any other government authority if they ask us to do so and we have legal authority to comply.

We may also share the information we collect where we are legally obliged to do so, e.g. to comply with a court order. 

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